| |AUGUST 202219LESSONS LEARNED FROM THIS PANDEMIC IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR & THE ROADMAP AHEAD FOR INDIAT he last year has been a whirl-wind for the entire world, courtesy of the COVID-19 pan-demic. With markets plummeting, businesses shutting down and indi-viduals scampering to keep them-selves safe, there has been a drastic change in industries, especially the healthcare sector. The increase in healthcare allotment for the Budget 2021 is proof of the fact that India has learnt from its unpreparedness and is moving in a direction to make it more accessible and simpler for users. There have been several learn-ings for healthtech and insure-tech companies in the country and the shift towards implementing the same is on the way. We have seen an increase in overall awareness of healthcare, especially preventive care. This was primarily caused due to the impact the pandemic had on people's overall wellness ­ immunity and resilience towards the virus be-ing key. Companies are quickly tap-ping into preventive and proactive care as the demand for the same has increased over the last year. Another change that has been focused on is the digitization of healthcare. Healthcare access in India was primarily offline before the pandemic. Medicines were By Yogesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Onsurity TechnologiesVIVID OUTLOOK
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