| |MAY 20236Medikabazaar Collaborates withAMTZ to Build an AdvancedFulfillment Centre in VizagDelix gets Regulatory Approval to begin Phase I Trial for NovelCompound DLX-001Evonik Collaborates withSafic-Alcan to Boost offering ofAdvanced Food IngredientsSanofi India Demerger gets a Green SignalUnderstanding the Dynamics of Indian Medical TechnologyMarketHow New Technologiesare Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical IndustryJesal Doshi,Deputy CEO, B Medical SystemsDr. TG Chandrashekar, Executive Director, Kusum Group of Companies08091218TOP STORIESVANTAGE POINTTHOUGHT CENTRALPredictive Maintenance: The Backbone of Medical Devices IndustryIndian Pharmaceutical Industry & Its Global ImpactThe Sunshine Sector: Preventive Healthcare & NutritionBy Venkatnarayanan K, Sr. Vice President & Head-Customer Services Zone India, Siemens HealthineersDr. R. B. Smarta, Managing Director, Interlink Marketing ConsultingVinay Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Onelife Nutriscience283436VIVID OUTLOOK
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