| |MAY 20239TOP STORIESDelix Therapeutics, a neuroscience company developing novel neuroplasticity-promoting therapeutics for psychiatric and neurological conditions, announced regulatory approval and the start of recruitment for its lead candidate, DLX-001, a non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogen, in a phase I clinical trial.The trial will enrol approximately 100 healthy volunteers with the primary goals of assessing safety, pharmacokinetics, psychometric functions, and markers of brain activity and synaptic plasticity at the Netherlands' Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR), a world-class institute specialising in cutting-edge early-stage clinical drug research."This is an important step forward for Delix, and the field of neuroplasticity promoting therapeutics overall, marking our first human trial built upon years of significant preclinical results," said Mark Rus, CEO of Delix Therapeutics. "With the continued rise of mental health diagnoses across the globe and a significant lack of innovative treatment options available for those suffering, we are excited about the potential of psychoplastogens -- especially scaleable non-hallucinogenic compounds -- to treat a variety of conditions as safe and effective take-at-home medicines."DLX-001 is the first of several psychoplastogens in the Delix platform to be approved for human trials. Delix's approach is based on the work of company co-founder and chief innovation officer David E. Olson at the University of California, Davis, who discovered several novel psychoplastogens that have significant therapeutic potential in preclinical models, without hallucinogenic side effects inherent in first and second generation psychedelic psychoplastogens. Delix's leading science and innovative approach has been featured in numerous scientific publications including Nature, Cell, Science, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, and many more. POThe Board of Directors of Sanofi India Limited today approved the Scheme of Arrangement between SIL and its wholly owned subsidiary Sanofi Consumer Healthcare India Limited (currently in the process of incorporation) ("SCHIL") to demerge SIL's consumer healthcare business into a legal entity, i.e., SCHIL, subject to approval by shareholders and regulators upon SCHIL's incorporation."This decision will open new doors for the India business and employees in a value-driven move to accelerate growth in both the pharmaceuticals (SIL) and consumer healthcare (SCHIL) businesses in India." Implementing the worldwide freestanding organisation of the consumer healthcare (CHC) business within Sanofi is the finest framework for unleashing its growth potential in the rest of the world, as well as in India. According to the statement, "the proposed standalone consumer health company in India will be equipped with a portfolio, specific global skills, and a consumer-centric mindset to truly evolve as a Fast-Moving Consumer Healthcare company."Similarly, the General Medicines company will concentrate on long-term success factors such as increasing the availability of life-changing treatments in the country, promoting world-class scientific HCP engagement, expanding the reach of its brands, and advancing its digital transformation.Sanofi will retain a 60.4 percent holding in both firms following the proposed demerger, and Sanofi India Limited stockholders will receive a 1:1 SCHIL equity share of Rs.10/- for each equity share held. As a result, the proposed demerger is equitable for all shareholders. SCHIL will be listed on the BSE and the National Stock Exchange Limited, subject to relevant approvals. Employees who transition to SCHIL will have continuity of service and the same terms when the demerger becomes effective. PODELIX GETS REGULATORY APPROVAL TO BEGIN PHASE I TRIAL FOR NOVEL COMPOUND DLX-001SANOFI INDIA DEMERGER GETS A GREEN SIGNAL
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