| |OCTOBER 20236CONTENTSVANTAGE POINTVIVID OUTLOOK1230Dr. Bimal Chhajer, Director, SAAOL Heart CenterHow New Technologiesare Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical IndustryNon-Invasive Natural Bypass Technique Can Treat Various Heart ConditionsDr. TG Chandrashekar, Executive Director, Kusum Group of Companies2822CLINICAL TRIAL SERVICES STARTUPS 2023TOP 10ETHICARE CLINICAL TRIAL SERVICESCRYSTAL BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS10PANORAMAInnovative Technologies Impacting Clinical Trials in the Pharma SectorSalipro Biotech & Sumitomo Pharma Partner For Drug DiscoveryDaiichi To File For US Approval of New Lung Cancer MedicineGARDP Inks Sublicense Agreement with Orchid Pharma To Produce Antibiotic For Gram-negative InfectionsNovaBay Pharma Announces an Agreement With BioStem To Commercialize Amniotic Tissue AllograftTOP STORIES0908
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