| |JULY 202319TOP 10 DRUG DISCOVERY & DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES - 2023COMPANYDESCRIPTIONMANAGEMENTAn integrated drug research and development organization providing scientific services from early stage discovery to drug development including pharmaceutical, ayush, neutraceutical and medical devicesAn integrated solution provider in the pharma sector and offers varied formulations in a wide spectrum of dosageforms and therapeutic segments with aim is to provide the best possible productsA new drug development company with innovation opportunities for research and development of medicines for incurable diseases with a focus on niche therapeutic areas and complex productsA deep tech company that uses AI and machine learning to accelerate drug and materials discovery and development, designed to streamline the drug and materials discovery processes by integrating data from multiple sourcesA firm committed to bring forward highly innovative and technology driven treatment options for various neglected diseases with the best quality products for our consumersA drug discovery company, with an unwavering focus on discovering new molecular entities seek to transform the field of medicine by using innovative approachesstrive to be a world class biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovery and development of novel differentiated medicines to address global unmet needs, believing in rational design using innovative technological tools A biopharmaceutical company continuously innovating new therapies in oncology, neurodegeneration, and immunologyA company offering partially or fully integrated drug discovery services across a wide spectrum, covering hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization and preclinical developmentAn emerging drug development company committed towards finding a possible cure for certain autoimmune diseases by pre-clinical and clinical trials for drug based on ribozyme for diseases like asthma, psoriasis, and othersSrinivas Maddi Founder & CEOSandeep Jain Jt. Managing DirectorSri V.C Nannapaneni Managing DirectorSudip Roy Chief Technology Officer and Director Dr. Navin Saxena ChairmanShrikrishna Dadke Founder & CEODr. Anand Khedkar, Dr. Monalisa Chatterji & Dr. Anirudh Ranganatha, DirectorsNitin Damle Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation OfficerRamesh Jayaraman CSOSatyam Tiwary Interim CEOAcubiosys Hyderabad acubiosys.comAkums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals New Delhi akums.inNATCO Pharma Hyderabad natcopharma.co.inPrescience Insilico Bangalore prescience.inRusan Pharma Mumbai rusanpharma.comSanopeutics Research Hyderabad sanopeutics.comSekkei Chennai sekkeibio.comSun Pharma Advanced Research Company Vadodara sparc.lifeTheraIndx Lifesciences Bangalore theraindx.com Vastu Vihar Biotech Gaya vvbiotech.com
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