| |JULY 20236The Sunshine Sector: Preventive Healthcare & NutritionPredictive Maintenance: The Backbone of Medical Devices IndustryCutting-Edge Technologies Revolutionizing Drug DiscoveryVenkatnarayanan K,Sr. Vice President & Head-Customer Services Zone India,Siemens Healthineers122228Vinay Jain,Chief Operating Officer,Onelife NutriscienceIndian Pharmaceutical Industry & Its Global ImpactDr. R. B. Smarta, Managing Director, Interlink Marketing ConsultingVANTAGE POINTPANORAMAVIVID OUTLOOKHow New Technologiesare Revolutionizing The Pharmaceutical IndustryDr. TG Chandrashekar,Executive Director Kusum Group of Companies14THOUGHT CENTRAL10
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