| |DECEMBER 202319The firm's service portfolio encompasses intricate equipment integration, adeptly handling approximately 650 varied analyzers and software systems, utilizing diverse methodologies and protocols. "A hallmark of our expertise lies in the healthcare domain, particularly in medical laboratory information management systems", says Kamal Kant Gupta. Noteworthy is the firm's commitment to delivering highly flexible and user-friendly software systems with extensive testing mechanisms. The firm's software repository is an expansive reservoir of invaluable domain knowledge, providing vital insights into laboratory management operations and procedures with a focus on ISO-15189, data security, and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).Ensuring an Impeccable Customer Presales & Post-sales ProcessFor the client engagement process, Busysoft Systems ensures an impeccable process, commencing with the distribution of detailed product introductory documentation and brochures. These materials comprehensively outline the extensive features already integrated into its commercial off-the-shelf software. The next step involves aligning the software version with the client's operational scale, categorized as small, middle, or large. Tailored demonstrations, either online or on-site, exhibit the software's capabilities in a domain-specific manner, such as Anatomic pathology, clinical microbiology, Clinical chemistry, Haematology, and Molecular diagnostics. An essential evaluation phase helps clients select the right modules. The subsequent installation and training phase, spanning several days, ensures that clients receive in-depth training tailored to their chosen modules, leading to customized software solution precisely aligned with its operational requisites.Impactful Presence "We began the product development in the year 1988. We developed the products in 1988-1989 for MS-DOS operating system", says Kamal Kant. "We were successful in our business and shifted more into developing healthcare applications. Our focus completely shifted to healthcare in 1990 and we developed our software for healthcare, including other products such as Labmate (LIMS), Hospmate (HIS), and Docmate (Clinical Information System). Currently, around 70 percent of the company's business transactions happen in the LIMS segment. In the last 10 years, Busysoft has added almost 20,000 Customers and has increased our sales by manyfold. We plan to expand our all-India geographical presence in the coming years. We have participated in large conferences and received good support through these conferences", he adds.The Journey AheadThe future roadmap outlined in the discussion involves several strategic initiatives. The primary long-term goal is to establish a significant presence in the major cities across India, encompassing both Tier-1 and Tier-2 regions. "We aim to achieve a nationwide presence, enhancing product visibility and accessibility, particularly in regions like West, Central, South, and Northeast India. Additionally, the plan includes broadening the product's global reach by focusing on multilingual availability, targeting regions such as Asia, Africa, and South American countries, and emphasizing international marketing efforts for increased revenue", speaks Kamal Kant Gupta. The next product development objective revolves around creating comprehensive, user-specific applications to enhance the existing software's appeal and functionality in cloud specific environment. All the modules of the application will be made available on Mobile as well as cloud platforms. The application's development emphasizes a patient-centric approach. It will provide continuous patient interaction with laboratory service providers. We are also participating in the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) of the Government of India to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country. It will help in sharing the laboratory results data across different healthcare ecosystems seamlessly. POMANAGEMENT SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2023LABORATORY INFORMATION TOP 10
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