| |JULY 20239As India has the G20 presidency and South Korea is a member of the G20, the Korea Pharmaceuticals & Bio Manufacturers Association (KPBMA) in Seoul has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with India."The KPBMA has special significance, and the pact is aimed at information exchange, trade, and cooperation in the area of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products, as well as to promote market access between the countries," Pharmexcil director general Uday Bhaskar told sources.Pharmexcil, India's top pharmaceutical export council, is a component of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry."Korea is a very important market in North East Asia (NEA) after China and Japan," Bhaskar explained.With 250 member businesses, the KPBMA, created in October 1945, represents the Korean pharmaceutical sector under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea.It is an active trade body of South Korean pharmaceutical businesses that account for a significant portion of pharmaceuticals consumed in South Korea. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on April 19.Pharmexcil organised the 'India Pavilion' at Korea Pharm & Bio, which was attended by 20 member exporters from April 18 to 21 in Korea.During the same event, Pharmexcil inked an MOU.According to a letter prepared by Bhaskar alerting Indian member companies of this development, the Korean government's cost-cutting policies and universal health coverage for the Korean population provide a strong opportunity for generic medications from India. POSun Pharmaceutical Industries announced on Tuesday that it has launched a medication in the country to treat dry eye disease. The Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company announced the launch of Cequa, a novel ophthalmology treatment for patients suffering from dry eye disease (DED) with inflammation, a common condition.Sun Pharma claims that Cequa is the first dry eye treatment available in India that uses nanomicellar technology."Because current treatment options for dry eye disease are limited, there is a significant unmet need in this area. Sun Pharma India Business CEO Kirti Ganorkar stated, "We are excited to introduce Cequa as a new treatment option."In India, the prevalence of DED is higher than the global prevalence. The disease causes a scratchy sensation in the eye or the sensation that something is in the eye.Other symptoms include stinging or burning, excessive watering after stressful periods, discharge, pain, and redness in the eye.On the BSE, Sun Pharma shares were trading 0.19 percent lower at Rs 977.35 per share. POINDIA AIMS FOR LUCRATIVE SOUTH KOREAN PHARMA MARKET, SIGNS AGREEMENT WITH GENERIC DRUG EXPORT ASSOCIATIONSUN PHARMA INTRODUCES DRY EYE TREATMENT MEDICATION
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