Top 10 Sterile Products Manufacturing Companies - 2022

Top 10 Sterile Products Manufacturing Companies - 2022

Sterile product means a drug or nutritional substance that is free from living microorganisms and is compounded, manipulated, or repackaged by pharmacy personnel, using aseptic technique and other quality assurance procedures. Parenteral drug delivery systems and many medicinal products, such as dressings and sutures, must be sterile in order to avoid the possibilities of microbial degradation or infection occurring as a result of their use. Sterility is also important for any material or instrument likely to contact broken skin or internal organs. Although pathogenic bacteria, fungi or viruses pose the most obvious danger to a patient, it should be also realized that micro-organisms usually regarded as non-pathogenic and which inadvertently gain access to body cavities in sufficient numbers may cause a severe, possibly fatal infection. Consequently, injections, ophthalmic preparations, irrigation fluids, dialysis solutions, sutures and ligatures, implants, and certain surgical dressings, as well as instruments necessary for their use or administration, must be presented in a sterile condition.

The most obviously recognized sterile pharmaceutical preparations are injections. These vary from very small-volume antigenic products to large-volume, total parenteral nutrition products. Other sterile products include ophthalmic preparations, creams and dusting powders. This section describes their formulation and packaging and the...

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Ashai D Patel

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Top 10 Sterile Products Manufacturing Companies - 2022

Arco Lifesciences Arco Lifesciences They are largely engaged in R&D and manufacturing of Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) products along with Speciality Liquid Oral Products
Celon Labs Celon Labs Bio pharmaceutical company which manufactures high quality formulations in niche therapy areas of Oncology and Critical Care
Farbe Firma Farbe Firma Manufactures a wide range of injectable available in ampoules, vials and lyophilized form
Getwell Oncology Getwell Oncology Manufacturers and suppliers of Anti-Cancer Drugs, who delivers the best in class oncology products
 Injectcare Parenterals Injectcare Parenterals Manufacturing company which provides complete sterile manufacturing solutions to their clients
Novalab Group Novalab Group Research-based pharmaceutical company, which deals nin all kind of the product range for franchise business like Cardiac diabetic range, derma range, Ayurvedic PCD Range & General range
Sance Laboratories Sance Laboratories Manufacturers and exporters of cephalosporin antibiotic formulation with the principle supply range consists of cephalosporin antibiotics in dosage forms viz
Sayora Pharma Sayora Pharma Manufactures Eye, Ear & Nasal drops, liquid injections (Hormones and Non-Hormones and dry powder injections (Beta lactum)
Senses Pharmaceuticals Senses Pharmaceuticals Produces a range of ophthalmic products including drops, ointments/gels, oral preparations and eye related surgical products
Shamshree Lifesciences Shamshree Lifesciences They manufactures dry powder injectable products with focus on Carbapenems and Cephalosporins

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