Abbott's FDA-Approved GLP Systems Track Now Available in the US

India Pharma Outlook Team | Saturday, 16 December 2023

  India Pharma Outlook Team

Abbott has announced that the US has approved its innovative new automation solution, GLP Systems Track. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now available in the United States. GLP System Monitoring provides laboratories with new features to support high-volume requirements and increase productivity.

GLP system monitoring offers many new features to help laboratories optimize operations and safety, increase productivity and meet growing needs. The unique and highly customizable system makes it easier for laboratories and allows staff to configure designs according to specific requirements.

"We know our customers want flexibility and integration in their laboratory operations to meet ever-increasing demands," said Louis Morrone, Abbott Diagnostics' core business unit vice president. "The GLP system monitor meets these requirements, allowing you to increase the performance of your laboratory and improve the quality of your work."

The GLP system monitor features a single sample holder called CAR. Students move independently rather than adhering to a fixed, transparent mechanical pathway system. This will reduce mechanical failures that can bring down the entire system and ensure continuity of operations and flexibility to change when needed in the lab.

The automated system is the first in the United States for a clinical laboratory with this Smart CAR technology, which allows students in a self-driving car to cross the road without a seat belt. These helps increase lab flexibility and improve performance. Smart CAR technology simplifies operations so laboratories can produce fast and accurate results and provide the best patient and customer care. 

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