Chinmaya Mission Hospital Unveils AI Enabled Imaging Technology

India Pharma Outlook Team | Wednesday, 18 October 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH) has acquired a cutting-edge Siemens Healthineers Multix VA 20 x-ray system. This is the first x-ray machine of its kind in Bengaluru and South India, and only the third in India. Siemens Healthineers ‘innovative medical imaging equipment incorporates powerful AI and precision technology to revolutionize diagnosis accuracy and speed.

It is noted for its low radiation exposure and improved patient care, and its ability to deliver faster and more precise imaging is a benefit for difficult orthopaedic and trauma patients,as per pharmabiz. CMH would not only boost diagnostic capabilities, but would also enable its radiology staff to give faster and more accurate assessments with the installation of this system. "We have always been at the forefront of providing outstanding healthcare services ."We are redefining the standards of patient care, diagnosis, and comfort with the installation of the Multix VA 20 x-ray machine," stated Dr. U. Sudhir, medical director and consultant physician at Chinmaya Mission Hospital.

CMH is a mission hospital dedicated to serving the disadvantaged segments of society. The Multix VA 20 x-ray machine improves patient access to cutting-edge medical technology, guaranteeing that even those with little resources can receive the greatest care. This machine can serve over 1,000 patients in a single day, which is a significant improvement over other traditional machines, which normally serve about 100-150 patients each day, he added.

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