Clariant to Launch Excipients to Improve Stability and Solubility

India Pharma Outlook Team | Friday, 20 October 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Clariant, a specialty Chemicals Company focused on sustainability, has announced new enhancements to its portfolio of high-performing pharmaceutical ingredient solutions to support the evolution of safe and effective medications. Clariant will unveil three new VitiPure excipients at CPHI Barcelona, allowing for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) formulations and administration routes, including sensitive ones such as mRNA vaccines and biologic medications, establishing the company as a one-stop shop solutions provider to the industry.

“We've expanded on our established track record of assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers to establish a new Health Care Business Line with a bigger portfolio of solutions for the industry's emerging technologies, such as the injectables segment.”With our new excipients, we address the market's growing trend for high-purity ingredients by addressing the inherent stability and bioavailability challenges of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, allowing them to travel to where they are needed inside the body and be delivered effectively,"says Michael Haspel, Clariant's global head of segment personal, home, and health care, as per Pharmabiz. At CPHI, two high-purity grades will be introduced, both processed using a unique technology to reduce remaining contaminants in the product: VitiPure O 80 Superior is a high-quality, low-microbial-load Polysorbate 80 with low residual contaminants, a colorless and odorless appearance, and good API stability .

It is a nonionic solubilizer, emulsifier, and stabilizer used in applications requiring the highest purity to improve the stability and colour of finished compositions. VitiPure O 80 Superior is often best suited for biologics compounds supplied via parenteral medication delivery systems where the API is sensitive to potential excipient contaminants. VitiPure CO 35 Superior is a Polyoxyl 35 Castor Oil that is colourless and odourless, has a minimal microbiological load, and increases API stability. It is a non-ionic solubilizer that is commonly employed in parenteral applications where the final formulation should be stable.

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