How Track and Trace Technology is Enhancing Efficiency in the Pharma Industry

By: Janifha Evangeline | Sunday, 26 February 2023

 Janifha Evangeline
Track and trace in the pharmaceutical sector are connected to the merits related to the efficiency of the manufacturer & the prevention of the entry of counterfeit drugs. However, Track and Trace also addresses the challenges faced by many other players in today's pharmaceutical industry.

Let us imagine that you are a key executive in a pharmaceutical business that is into the manufacturing of life-saving medication, shipped right across the globe and you hold 3 important objectives for your business. These three include the streamlining operations while saving money, stepping up your organization’s ESG efforts, and being fully compliant with local regulations.

The track-and-trace technology is becoming highly crucial than ever in an ever-competitive pharmaceutical Industry, & against a backdrop of increasing pharmaceutical forgeries as it renders the sophisticated technology which will take complete advantage of Industry 4.0 & the technological revolution which is already driving. Track and trace technology also plays a pivotal role in making sure that consumers possess the confidence which the drugs that are being manufactured by pharmaceutical manufacturers are the real-deal, and will not lead to dangerous side effects, or even death. More organizations today have begun to realize for themselves the significance of track and trace solutions. Also, this market is anticipated to reach a value of USD 14.3 billion by 2030.

Streamlining Operations

Like the other business fields, pharmaceutical enterprises are on a quest for streamlining their operations & enhance their efficiency and never has this been so imperative as the current time. However, the introduction of Industry 4.0 is offering a golden opportunity to overhaul current, antiquated systems, which are stopping pharmaceutical businesses from performing at their higher output level.

Today, industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way the pharmaceutical industry works, where this was only possible for international blue-chip corporations. And, today robotics is becoming easily affordable & available to enterprises of both small and big sizes.

Autonomous robots can quickly as well as safely support manufacturers in tasks such as right from picking products at a warehouse to getting them ready to ship. Similarly, we will witness distribution centers that will implement autonomous cranes as well as trucks to streamline operations in the process of accepting shipping containers from the ships.
The amalgamation of the IoT, cyber-physical systems, as well as the Internet of Systems will power Industry 4.0 & permit the smart factory to become a reality. Therefore, as the outcome of the support of smart machines which always keeps getting smarter as it gets access to humongous data, the global pharmaceutical industry will not only become highly efficient but highly productive & less wasteful.

Now, this is where a watertight track and trace system will shine & it connects together the necessary components which today’s modern pharmaceutical businesses require to thrive. These components comprise greater warehouse automation, operational shop floor efficiency, generating humungous data that will optimize the supply chain further, building customer engagement via product identification.

Overhauling Systems to Optimize Efficiency

Although the conventional business computing set-up is developed using the centralized data center as the foundation, the pandemic vaccine roll-out, globally has magnified the fact that the internet is not well suited for moving endlessly growing rivers of real-world pharmaceutical track-and-trace data. As a matter of fact, the unrelenting threats that are owing to bandwidth limitations, latency issues as well as unpredictable network disruptions which have threatened for causing huge operational issues to those processed with making sure a watertight vaccine rollout to all the corners of the globe. The prospect of transmitting such large amounts of data in situations that can be both time- and interference-sensitive puts an incredible strain on the global Internet. And it itself is most often subject to traffic jams and disruptions.

Securing Supply Chain Operations with Edge Computing

The impact of this edge computing technology on the pharmaceutical track and trace industry will be significant particularly where the entire supply chain operations are concerned. Although We have witnessed a shift towards a more agile, local supply chain as well as the rapid intake of digital barcode scanning systems that are put together with the very cutting-edge technology which has made supply chains highly secure.

New edge computing will strengthen this up even further & it will power automatic, time-sensitive supply chain processes in several utilities such as factories, warehouses, & manufacturing facilities. These processes will decrease the requirement for human management & build create best outcomes while removing the risk of error owing to manual tasks. According to a Gartner report, seventy-five per cent of large organizations will have adopted some form of smart robots in their warehouse operations by 2026.

Track and trace technology is becoming rapidly high on the agenda for several organizations. With Industry 4.0 offering a golden opportunity for systems to be revamped & with the challenges of counterfeit medicine which is being ever-present as an issue we must all address, track and trace systems that will soon be in demand more than ever before - as evidenced by the swift growth anticipated for the industry in the years to come.

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