Paradigm, Bristol Myers Partners to Build a clinical Trial

India Pharma Outlook Team | Tuesday, 10 October 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Paradigm has announced a partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb to develop a new end-to-end clinical trial operating model that spans design, recruitment, and data collection. Beginning with oncology and eventually expanding to other therapeutic areas, Paradigm will allow Bristol Myers Squibb to enroll patients from providers across the Paradigm network of health systems all of whom serve diverse patient populations and already use Paradigm software to reduce the burden of clinical trial recruitment and operations. The administrative burden of running a clinical trial contributes to lack of access and inequitable enrollment.

For example, currently less than five percent of patients with cancer enroll in clinical trials as part of their care journey. As a result, new treatments can be slow to come to market and millions of individuals who might benefit from a clinical trial are not given the option to participate. To address this, Paradigm has chosen to build an entirely new clinical trial operating ecosystem, as per pharmabiz Goals include increasing patient access to underrepresented groups, delivering outcomes faster, and reducing provider load. The groups will collaborate to construct trials with protocol requirements that suit the practical restrictions of community health care organizations.

Community health professionals, who provide the bulk of care for cancer patients and other serious diseases and serve populations that match the overall demographics of the United States, were the first to benefit from Paradigm's clinical trial software platform. Over the past year, Paradigm has successfully cooperated with hundreds of these provider organizations to develop their clinical research programs and provide clinical trials as a treatment option to patients, all while lowering staff effort.

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