Transgene and NEC extend Pact For Clinical Development of Cancer Vaccine

India Pharma Outlook Team | Wednesday, 10 January 2024

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Transgen announced that they have signed an additional development cooperation agreement for personalized interventions. Neoantigen cancer vaccine TG4050. TG4050 is currently being evaluated in a randomized multicenter phase I trial as a single agent in the adjuvant treatment of HPV-negative head and neck cancers. Based on promising data obtained in this Phase I trial (new windowNCT04183166), Transgene and NEC are preparing a randomized phase I/II extension of this trial slated to start in 2024.

This new trial builds on compelling first signs of efficacy and induction of specific T-cell responses with the aim of generating a comprehensive set of immunological and clinical data to further demonstrate the potential of TG4050, as per pharmabiz.

TG4050 is built on Transgene's viral vector-based myvac platform and leverages NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies to identify and predict the most immunogenic neoantigens.

Alessandro Riva, chairman and CEO of Transgene, commented: "We are pleased to announce the extension of our agreement with NEC, which marks a significant milestone in our collaboration. We are looking forward to continuing to treat patients with our individualized cancer vaccine TG4050. The compelling initial phase I data presented with NEC at ASCO 2023 showed that all evaluable patients treated with TG4050 monotherapy developed a specific immune response and remained disease-free.

"Our joint clinical development plan builds on these promising data in a setting where there is no approved treatment to prevent patient relapse after adjuvant chemoradiotherapy. We believe that TG4050, by combining a powerful and immunogenic viral vector with an extremely sophisticated neoantigen selection tool, has the potential to address major medical needs in the adjuvant treatment of solid tumours."

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