Meet the Changing Demand with Innovation

Sudhakar Singh, Managing Editor

Pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace driven by factors such as enhanced medical infrastructure, and the rise in prevalence and treatment of chronic diseases. Industry players are gearing up to meet the changing demand with innovation. In this issue, we have focused on them. The cover story of this issue features Masaya Pharmaceuticals which is a pioneering pharmaceuticals company catering to the unmet needs of millions of people in India. Constantly upgrading its facilities and technology used in formulating the highest quality healthcare products, Masaya has adopted good manufacturing practices. Belonging to a crucial industry like Pharma, Masaya has established strict quality control measures. Further, the marketing and digital team, and the authorized distributors are strategically located and supported by a field force. All of these measures allow the company to function smoothly and make its products available to people easily. Masaya understands the lack of innovation in the medical industry and the need to bring it about through concentrated efforts. The company aspires to achieve innovation in manufacturing of products which the nation needs right now. Also featuring in the issue is Kireeti Soft Technologies. Its product has carved a niche for itself in catering to the ever changing needs in the pharma segment. It was developed initially to meet the requirements of pharma distributors and subsequently, a retail pharmacy solution also has been launched. In the last 25 years, it has been constantly upgraded with the latest technologies to provide the best possible product to customers.

Keeping tabs on this market, we have shortlisted the 10 companies that have exhibited an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. By proving their dedication to fulfilling customer expectations and contributing to the market’s evolution through their innovative disposition, these companies are blazing a trail for others to follow and setting an example for them.

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