The Role of Tech and AI in Drug Discovery Today

By: Dr. Venkat Mattela, Founder, Ceremorphic Life...

The biggest challenge in drug discovery today is the time taken. The number of new drugs entering the market compared to the number of drugs required is very less. Moreover, for the phase 2 clinical trials, the failure rate is over 90% percent which

Predictive Maintenance: The Backbone of Medical Devices Industry

By: Venkatnarayanan K, Sr. Vice President and...

Excerpts from a conversation with Venkatnarayanan K, Sr. Vice President & Head-Customer Services Zone India, Siemens Healthineers in which he speaks about the evolution of predictive maintenance, & how it is helping with resource & cost optimization.

Understanding the Dynamics of Indian medical technology market

By: Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO, B Medical Systems

There is a new-found dynamism in the Indian medical technology market.

How new technologies are revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

By: Dr. TG Chandrashekar, Executive Director at...

How technology puts pharmaceuticals industry in a strong position of offering improved healthcare by enhancing competitiveness and improving patient compliance by a huge margin

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry And Its Global Impact

By: Dr. R B Smarta, MD, Interlink Marketing Consulting

As of today, around 70 percent of critical Key Starting Materials (KSMs) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)are imported. The PLlscheme is meant for promotion of domestic manufacturing of critical KSMs, Drug intermediates and APIs in India.

Specialty Chemicals Industry Moving towards Sustainability

By: Shohab Rais, COO, Indian Chemical Business,...

Product diversifications happen to fulfil evolving customer and market needs and to capitalise on the emerging market opportunities.

Hamdard Laboratories: Boosting Health and Immunity through Unani Medicine

By: Abdul Majeed & Asad Mueed, Chairman & Managing...

Unani, after the Greeks and the Arabs, is only surviving in India. It is flourishing and developing in India, and that speaks volumes for our society and our culture as such, because the Indian culture has

He Who Has Health, Has Hope; And He Who Has Hope, Has Everything. - Thomas Carlyle

By: Riyaz Khan, CEO, Continental Hospitals

During the initial wave of Covid-19 pandemic, Hospitals worldwide diverted the routine inpatient & outpatient cases to meet the surge in demand for managing the Covid cases. Clinicians & Non-Covid patients deferred “non-urgent” consults,

Technological Assistance To Boost Telemedicine And Pharma Industry

By: Dr. Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO, Doceree

While the COVID pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new normal, lives have suddenly fit into the challenging times. Now that masks, sanitizers and social distancing have caught up our regular

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