Strengthening Veterinary Healthcare

Sudhakar Singh, Managing Editor

Rising livestock population combined with increasing cases of zoonotic and chronic diseases is boosting the growth of veterinary medicine market. At the same time, there is an increase in the number of pet owners, which has given a fillip to the demand for better treatment options. Monitoring these trends closely, we have come up with this special issue focusing on this segment. The cover story of this issue features Biosint Nutraceuticals which strives to deliver a completely chemical free nutraceutical solution to its clients, ensuring no harmful side effects to the livestock. Starting with selection of raw material to development of end products, the firm has established stringent quality control standards to ensure the production of 100 percent natural products.

It has its own specific testing labs and farms, where its products are strictly tested. Also featuring in the issue is Crittherbs Pharma which manufactures and markets veterinary medicines and human herbal medicines throughout India. Its products are unique in terms of formulations and it has feed supplements as well as an injectable range for veterinary. The team meets doctors on a regular basis, engages in technical discussions with veterinarians, understands their needs and provides unique solutions that are currently not present in the market. The company has received a lot of encouragement and appreciation from its clients for the same. Reading on you will find more such stories.

Keeping tabs on this market, we have shortlisted the top 10 companies that have exhibited an unrelenting pursuit for excellence. By proving their dedication to fulfilling customer expectations and contributing to the market's evolution through their innovative disposition, these companies are blazing a trail for others to follow and setting an example for them.     

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