Endel Digital: Bringing Technological Advancements In Laboratory Informatics Management Solutions

Shailaja Shah , COO

Shailaja Shah


The Laboratory Information Management Solu­tions (LIMS) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4 per cent from 2023 to 2030 to reach $1.75 Billion by 2030. The increasing research and development activities in the life sciences industry, the growing use of automation in laboratories and the ris­ing need to comply with regulatory frameworks are some of the major drivers behind the growth of this market. In­creasing R&D spending has boosted the demand for effi­cient laboratory data management in the country. Howev­er, many players in this domain still rely on conventional software mechanisms, which no longer help the organi­zations in enhancing business operations. Recognizing the diversity of challenges, organizations today seek be­spoke solutions. Emerging prominently among them is Endel Digital, a forward-looking enterprise that provides innovative, accurate and reliable software solutions with a specialization in industrial weighing software and enter­prise focused software that fits into any industry vertical where accurate processes are crucial.

The company is highly committed to paying close attention to its clients’ details, requirements and goals. Endel Digital is one of a kind firm in the market known for developing a simple easy to use interface that are designed to provide the most secure and safe weighing with top facilities, at an affordable cost. Endel Digital has become the best one-stop solution provider for all their weighbridge requirements. The company promises 100 per cent transparency, visibility and accuracy. “We put our clients’ expectations at the forefront to deliver complete critical solutions based on the competitive requirements and technological advancements”, says Shailaja Shah, COO.

Helping Organizations in Making a Shift from Workforce to Technologies

Established in 2019 in Ahmedabad, Endel Digital firmly believes in offering a complete package of proactive analytics in the form of efficient solutions for weighbridge software, assortment of weighing automation solutions, ANPR based weighing, RFID based weighing, batch process flow automation, industrial gate pass management and visitor management, interactive lab management solutions and more. The company introduced its solutions effectively in the local as well as global market to bring revolutionary changes in the day-to-day operations of the organizations and providing productive results in different industry verticals like mining, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture,and more.

Endel Digital creates experiences that can easily attract innovation, discover new opportunities and offer a comfortable life. Their IIoT solutions and services have opened the door of a whole new world for clients. The company can help in increasing the safety, efficiency and security of clients’ premises with complete ANPR-based vehicle management, visitor entry management and more. Endel Digital also automates the complete batch process flow, reduces all kinds of errors by gaining better efficiency and data visibility, in real time.

Endel Digital strives to provide an ethical, transparent & customer friendly performance at all times

Shailaja Shah , COO

Highly Proficient Team Members

Endel Digital has a strong team of experienced manpower who have an expertise of simplifying the complexities with the most advanced technologies. Their team also consists of 25 developers who are further divided into three subgroups where one group is involved into data analytics, another into full stack development and third one is hardware communication group which focuses on interoperability of devices. The company ensures that its services are executed in compliance with the software industry standards. The firm puts great emphasis on timely delivery of weighing systems, labmast software and more. Endel Digital also offers development services of premium quality which are unrivalled in the Indian marketplace since its inception.

Achievements and Recognitions

Endel Digital is the first of a kind tech-based startup which is recognised by Startup India and incubated under GUSEC. The company has recently introduced Batch Processing Software which is completely integral software and can align with client’s business KPIs as well as other software for complete automation and data visibility. Till now, Endel Digital has done more than 500 installations across all industrial verticals in 15 plus countries across the world.

Endel Digital provides comprehensive solutions for an extensive range of applications. Today their name is counted amongst the proficient manufacturers of the IT, weighing machinery and software engineering industries. They deliver best in class Weighmast software, Labmast Software, and more in the customized form to their clients and help them in the adoption of the same in the most hassle-free way possible. By using data analytics and data visualization, Weighmast on cloud provides real-time data reporting and trends from a birds-eye view which is ideal for any large organization.

Future Ventures and Expansion Plans

Endel Digital has a mission to provide top-notch software, weighing machines, software development solutions and Weighmast software solution at best rates. Also, they have plans to launch Batch Process Management for pharmaceutical customers. Endel Digital has a stong customer base in India, Middle East and East Africa regions like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Moving forward, the company is also aiming to start its formal operations in Africa and Middle East region by 2024. As the company is looking towards the future and the usage of technology in its daily activities, their primary goal is to make any business highly productive and efficient.

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