Ajit Laboratories: Leading The Way With High-Quality Ayurvedic Products

Avadhoot S. Kulkarni , Operational Director

Avadhoot S. Kulkarni

Operational Director

As per the research conducted by IMARC Group, the Ayurvedic market in India is expected to ex­perience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5 percent, growing from Rs.626 billion in 2022 to Rs.1824 billion in 2028. An Indian alternative medicine system derived from natural herbs, Ayurveda has seen a rise in popularity, with manufacturers developing inno­vative products to increase consumer awareness of its preventive qualities. Ayurvedic health and personal care products have become widely available, making them a favored option for individuals. To add to it, the Ayurvedic and herbal products market in India is expanding due to government campaigns on Ayurveda and the increased popularity of Ayurvedic Shastra.

A prominent player in the Ayurvedic products sector, Ajit Laboratories holds a diamond jubilee year, a GMP-certified facility, expertise in diverse medicinal forms, and availability of six dosage forms. Founded in 1949 to address the shortage of medicine supply in western Maharashtra, the company shifted its focus to Ayurvedic medicines after the introduction of Schedule T and Schedule M regulations. The company has consistently grown in client acquisition and geographical expansion, with recent substantial growth of 40-45 percent. Ajit Laboratories is committed to providing top-notch products as a leading third-party manufacturer in western Maharashtra.

Market Expertise with Top-Notch Offerings

Ajit Laboratories is committed to offering customers a broad range of classical and proprietary products that have already been approved by experts, with experienced directors and staff specializing in various fields such as content, single ingredients, and new herbs, improving efficacy through age-old process methods, maintaining stability, and Trans dosage form experiments. Some of the company's flagship products include Phalatrikadi, Gokshuradi, Vidangadi Yog, and UrjaKalp.

Ajit Laboratories Prides Itself On Its State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, Which Allows For The Production Of High-Quality Ayurvedic Products

Avadhoot S. Kulkarni , Operational Director

Ajit Laboratories prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which allows for the production of high-quality Ayurvedic products. The company's manufacturing unit boasts modern machinery and advanced technology, facilitating the production of a diverse range of Ayurvedic products under one roof. With a daily production capacity of 100,000-200,000 tablets, 10,000 bottles, and 200- 300 kgs of powder per day, the company is equipped to meet the growing demand for Ayurvedic products. “Ajit Laboratories follows a comprehensive process to develop a product, starting with understanding the client's needs and conceptualizing the idea, followed by extensive research to determine the appropriate medication for internal or external use. After identifying the suitable ingredients, the formula is finalized and subjected to trials. If successful, the product goes through the approval stage before entering the production phase”, speaks Avadhoot S. Kulkarni, Operational Director.

Blending Traditional & Modern Processes

Ajit Laboratories is committed to producing high-quality Ayurvedic products by blending traditional and modern drug manufacturing processes, which sets it apart from other manufacturers. The company's goal is to continuously improve its services and therapeutic effects to benefit society. The company ensures quality by adhering to standard operating procedures, conducting pre, mid, and post-quality checks to ensure equal dosage in each tablet, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and ensuring GMP elaboration and clinical standards are met. For testing of raw materials & Finished Goods products, the company employees validated analytical methods with special emphasis on purity and potency. Additionally, Ajit Laboratories offers assistance in conducting clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of its products. Ajit Laboratories is backed by a team of skilled professionals including quality control and quality assurance experts, experienced Ayurvedic doctors, and marketing analysts. Additionally, the company organizes programs to strengthen employee engagement and has established MOU partnerships with various groups and institutions.

The company has a clear roadmap for future growth and expansion. Ajit Laboratories is focused on upgrading formulations and aesthetics to enhance patient compliance and expanding its product mix to meet the needs of diverse clients and society. One of its latest product lines is 'AYURVEDA AHAR’, comprising food supplements and ready-to-eat products based on Ayurvedic nutrition and dietetic principles. The company's unwavering commitment to manufacturing top-quality Ayurvedic products remains a top priority to offer the best-in-class products to customers. Ajit Laboratories has identified tablets and syrups as having significant potential, and the company is working to enhance its offerings in these areas. Currently, the company works in Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, and Gujarat and aims to cover half of India's states in the next five years. Ajit Laboratories envisions growing together with its clients by providing a one-stop solution with a national perspective.

Avadhoot S. Kulkarni, Operational Director, Ajit Laboratories

Avadhoot S. Kulkarni is the Operational Director at Ajit Laboratories. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and a Master of Business Administration degree and boasts over five years of experience in Sales and Marketing.

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