Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals: Largest Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Maintaining Highest Quality Standards At Every Step Of Production

Sandeep Jain Jt., Managing Director

Sandeep Jain Jt.

Managing Director

Pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach a net worth of $65 billion by 2024 and is likely to become a $130 billion industry by the end of 2030. With the increasing demand in the market, the pharmaceutical companies are becoming more dependent on contract manufacturing. It has now become the basic need for any pharmaceutical company in the country. The production capacity is an essential factor when it comes to providing for a large population such as India.

In more than 19 years, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals has built its reputation on providing top quality pharmaceutical drugs and standing in the market through their commitment to Innovative and quality products in pharmaceutical market. The company shares a passion for quality that goes way beyond business and statutory requirements. Akums has achieved unmatchable standards and manufactures best quality products, satisfying norms of the country and qualifying International and National Audits.

Akums has established itself as an integrated solution provider in the pharma sector and offers varied formulations in a wide spectrum of dosage forms and therapeutic segments. The company claims to produce more than 13 percent of the total need of the nation with their products present in the medicine retail all across the country.

We are always focused on maintaining our high standards in the Indian pharmaceutical industry & aim is to provide the best possible products & improve our offerings

Sandeep Jain Jt., Managing Director

“We are known for providing high quality pharmaceutical drugs both domestically and internationally. We are constantly exploring new opportunities, and have launched many products which are the first in India and the world. We are always focused on maintaining our high standards in the Indian pharmaceutical industry and aim is to provide the best possible products and improve our offerings. We are committed to continuous development and improvement in all aspects of formulations”, mentions Sandeep Jain, Jt. Managing Director, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.

Operational Excellence

Akums dedication to research and development has allowed it to develop revolutionary products. As of now, Akums has more than 919+ DCGI approvals and developed 400+ first time in India/World products. Over 250 Scientists; coupled with well-equipped R&D labs and talented technical officials are working hard every day to ensure that every product Akums releases meets highest standards of the industry. Many innovative technologies including patented drug delivery systems developed by Akums has led to new ways to improve existing products and brought them at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Akums considers all sorts of extra precautions not only at all the stages of production, but also raw materials, excipients, packaging material (both primary and secondary) and others. Akums has robust quality systems and has a history of providing appreciable service to its clients. The company has been able to timely deliver to its clients even in the case of emergencies. During COVID-19, when the pharmaceutical requirements grew immensely, Akums was able to produce 10 times the standard capacity and deliver standard products in time. “We have the capacity to produce 10 Cr. tablets/day in our first plant and 3 Cr/day in the second. We can produce 60 Mn. syrups/month and 58 Mn. injections/month. We conduct all necessary stability tests on our products before releasing them to the market to ensure that they are as stable and as safe as possible”, Sandeep adds.

The Road Ahead

Akums is dedicated to developing new innovative drugs and unique formulations, consistently expanding its global presence in over 80 countries. With a focus on research and development, the company aims to introduce ground-breaking formulations that cater to unmet medical needs across various therapeutic areas. Its commitment to develop more unique dosage forms ensures that patients have access to effective and convenient treatment options, enhancing compliance and outcomes.

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