Revolutionizing Cancer Detection with A Single Blood Test

Samara Mahindra, Director at EasyCheck 360 and Founder - CARER

 Samara Mahindra, Director at EasyCheck 360 and Founder - CARER

A diagnosis of ‘cancer’ is traumatic. India’s National Cancer Registry estimates that 1 in 9 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime (0-74 years). Globocan 2020 data suggests that India has nearly 2.7 million cancer patients with 1.3 million new cases added in a year.

The breast, mouth, lung, cervix, and tongue are the most common sites for cancer. With more than 800,000 deaths attributed to cancer, it is the second-largest cause of death in our country after cardiovascular disease. The key reason for this high number is that 3 out 4 patients with cancer are diagnosed at an advanced stage (stage 3 or 4) resulting in extensive and complex treatment, reduced survival rates, and increased treatment costs.

Early detection is crucial

Though the picture may look grim, it’s well-established that ‘timing is everything’ in the case of cancer. If detected early, most cancers can be treated successfully. Patients often remain unaware of their condition till specific tests are carried out, as most cancer screening tests are not a part of one’s annual medical check-up. A simple, convenient, non-invasive, and accurate screening test for cancer is the need of the hour to overcome the dismal outcomes due to late detection and to make India free from the fear of cancer.

Changing the cancer care paradigm with a simple blood test

How would you feel if cancer detection could be possible through a simple blood test? Sounds incredible, right? This is precisely what ‘Easycheck360’ offers. Developed after several years of intensive research efforts by internationally renowned scientists and doctors, ‘EasyCheck360’ is a non-invasive blood test that has been clinically validated by one of the world's largest clinical trials involving 34,000 patients with cancer and greater than 23,000 healthy individuals.

The test for breast and prostate cancer screening has been granted ‘Breakthrough Designation’ by the US FDA. With a single blood sample, the revolutionary technology of ‘EasyCheck360’ detects Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) Clusters which are common in the blood of patients with cancer and undetectable in healthy individuals. Detection of CTC clusters denotes the presence of cancer. ‘EasyCheck360’ can detect more

than 30 types of cancers early with an accuracy of greater than 99%. It can also accurately determine the tissue of origin. ‘EasyCheck360’ is a non-invasive, radiation-free option that can be used to screen for cancer once a year in individuals 30 years without any cancer symptoms, even in the comfort of your home or office.

Transforming cancer detection for specific patients

In addition to ‘Easycheck360’ which detects multiple cancers, similar tests which detect specific cancers in patients who are at higher risk are also available. Breast and cervical are the top 2 cancers affecting Indian women and make up more than 44% of new cancer cases. ‘EasyCheck – FemmeSafe’ helps detect breast, ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancer with one single blood draw and can be performed once a year in individuals who are 30 and individuals who are above the age of 30 without any cancer symptoms and in the comfort of their home.

‘EasyCheck – Prostate’ can help detect prostate cancer which affects nearly 1 out 125 men in India and is among the top 5 cancers affecting men. It can be performed annually once a year as a screening test for men who are 45 and above 45 years of age with no symptoms indicative of cancer. India is home to the second-largest diabetic population in the world. Compared to the normal population, individuals with diabetes have a significantly elevated risk of developing cancers related to the liver, urinary tract, biliary tract, colon, pancreas, endometrium, and kidney.

EasyCheck™- Diabetes helps in the early detection of such cancers. and can be availed once a year by individuals with diabetes. If the presence of cancer is detected by ‘EasyCheck’, further clinical guidance can be initiated. The early detection of cancer facilitated by ‘EasyCheck’ will help in the early initiation of treatment, reduce treatment cost, and eventually in improving the possibility of a complete cure of cancer.


Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects both the patients and their families physically, mentally, and financially. In India, the death toll due to cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease. Most cancer can be fully cured if detected early. Population-based screening methods vary for each cancer and could be infrastructure-intensive, expensive, or cumbersome.

‘EasyCheck360’, ‘EasyCheck’-FemmeSafe’, ‘EasyCheck – Prostate’, and ‘EasyCheck – Diabetes’ are proven, accurate, non-invasive, affordable, and radiation-free tests which use a single blood sample to detect multiple cancers in asymptomatic people. These tests can be included in an individual’s annual health check-up to facilitate regular screening and potentially help save lives.

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