Kishore Group: Setting a Benchmark in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry

Arjun Kishore Mehra, CEO

Arjun Kishore Mehra


In recent years, India has emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and at the heart of this dynamic progress lies the pharma­ceutical sector. This vital industry has assumed profound significance, especially in the face of global challenges such as the pandemic. The demand for pharmaceutical products and pack­aging materials has surged, positioning India as a global leader in supplying essential medi­cines to nations like Russia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Amidst this transformative landscape, one distin­guished player stands tall in the pharmaceutical packaging domain – Kishore Group. As a critical player in the phar­maceutical packaging sector, Kishore Group has witnessed substantial growth, capitalizing on the rising demand for its products in domestic and international markets.

Established in 1959, Kishore Group has earned its place as an esteemed family-run organization renowned in the Indian pharmaceutical packaging industry. With a remarkable six-decade legacy, the company has garnered commendable respect and unwavering trust from its discerning clientele. Spearheading the enterprise is Arjun Kishore Mehra, the visionary CEO of Kishore Group. The company has continually delivered top-quality products, timely services, and unparalleled customer experiences, propelling it to unprecedented growth in the rapidly-evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

The core expertise of Kishore Group lies in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products, catering primarily to small-volume parenteral for both human and veterinary injectables. “We specialize in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products, catering to small volume parenteral primarily used by pharmaceutical companies, both for human and veterinary injectables”, says Mehra. Its commitment to precision and innovation has earned it an undisputed position among the top five pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers. Kishore Group’s product portfolio encompasses an array of offerings, including glass ampoules, glass vials, aluminum caps, plastic caps, thermoforming trays, and corrugated boxes tailored to meet the unique demands of discerning pharmaceutical entities.

Kishore Group caters to a diverse customer base, spanning pharmaceutical organizations manufacturing generic and branded products, diagnostic companies producing essential kits, and cosmetic entities seeking exquisite packaging materials. The pharmaceutical market in India is cost-effective, and organizations are highly focused on maintaining quality without compromising on cost. For pharmaceuticals producing generic medicines, Kishore Group emphasizes reducing costs without compromising quality or supply, ensuring the same level of excellence. Branded products, especially for specialized diseases like cancer and tuberculosis, have a significant market, and Kishore Group aligns its offerings to meet its customers’ specific quality and material requirements.

Kishore Group specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products, catering to small volume parenterals primarily used by pharmaceutical companies, both for human & veterinary injectables

Arjun Kishore Mehra, CEO

The Pillars of Success: Quality & Timely Delivery

At the heart of Kishore Group’s resounding success lies an unwavering focus on quality and timely delivery. With an ardent commitment to producing products with zero defects, the company sets an exemplary standard in a landscape where fragility, particularly in glass packaging, demands utmost precision. Timely delivery is paramount in the pharmaceutical sector, where adherence to expiry dates and the consistent availability of medicines are non-negotiable factors. Ensuring products reach the market on time is vital to avoid shortages and meet the demands of patients and healthcare providers. Kishore Group’s relentless adherence to timely delivery and quality products has been pivotal in building long-lasting relationships with its clients and propelled its prominence in the industry.

Kishore Group embraces a personalized approach when engaging with prospective clients. Through personal visits, the company delves deep into each customer’s specific needs and aspirations, enabling the tailoring of solutions that match their unique requirements. It strategically sets competitive prices and tailor’s products to suit the client’s specific needs, whether for human or veterinary injectables, diagnostics, or cosmetic applications. Beyond product delivery, Kishore Group’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends to its robust after-sales service, where feedback is actively sought, product performance evaluated, and areas of improvement identified. This proactive engagement has not only solidified client relations but also ensured that Kishore Group remains at the vanguard of the industry.

A Future Anchored in Expansion & Innovation

The growth trajectory of Kishore Group has been nothing short of remarkable, boasting a year-on-year expansion of nearly 20 percent. As the pharmaceutical industry evolves, Kishore Group is firmly committed to exploring new avenues for growth and innovation. Kishore Group has taken decisive steps toward securing additional regulatory approvals to endeavor supply in regulated markets like Canada, Europe, Japan, and others. Furthermore, it envisions expanding its product portfolio to encompass dental cartridges and prefilled syringes, thus broadening its market reach. Investments in state-of-the-art production facilities, adhering to the stringent guidelines set by the U.S. FDA, are also on the horizon, bolstering Kishore Group’s capacity to cater to the burgeoning demand for high-quality pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

Kishore Group’s unwavering dedication to quality, timely delivery, customer-centric approach, and forward-looking strategies have positioned it as a leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. With a legacy spanning over six decades, it has earned the trust and admiration of its customers while establishing a solid foothold in both the domestic and international markets. As the Indian pharmaceutical industry continues its remarkable growth trajectory, Kishore Group remains committed to delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions that contribute to the betterment of healthcare worldwide. With the third generation of entrepreneurs steering the helm, the future brims with promise as Kishore Group endeavors to set new milestones and leave an indelible mark on the pharmaceutical landscape.

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