Sarabhai Chemicals: A Pioneer Leading The Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers Market In India

Mohal Sarabhai, CEO

Mohal Sarabhai


The Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers market in India has been growing steadily due to the increasing demand for quality animal healthcare products. Sarabhai Chemicals, with its long history and expertise in pharmaceuticals, has played a pivotal role in this sector. As a pioneer of Penicillin in India, Sarabhai Chemicals has relaunched itself in the veterinary segment and has quickly become a trusted brand in just five years. The company provides a wide range of quality and affordable medicines, trusted by veterinary healthcare professionals across India. With a team of experienced professionals and a clear directive to manufacture high-quality medicines locally, Sarabhai Chemicals is well-positioned to continue leading the growth of the Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers market in India. Do check out the interview snippets from the exclusive interview with Mohal Sarabhai to know the company's journey to success.

In your opinion, how is the market for manufacturing veterinary medicine progressing in India? What are the primary factors responsible for driving growth in this market?

There has been a growing need for veterinary medicine manufacturing to ensure the health and well-being of all animals, especially dairy. Additionally, with an increasing awareness of the impact of animal health on milk productivity and quality, dairy farmers have become more attentive to the healthcare needs of their animals, leading to an upsurge in the demand for veterinary medicinal products. The market is expected to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years, with more investment and innovation in the research and development of veterinary medicinal products.

Can you identify the primary challenges that your customers encounter in this segment, and how do you address them?

It is worth noting that in veterinary medicine, unlike human medicine, the results of medication may not always be immediately visible. This presents a challenge in determining the right course of treatment and dosage for animals. Additionally, the quality and effectiveness of medicines are critical concerns, as well as their affordability. To tackle these challenges, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality medicines at reasonable prices, which are highly regarded by veterinary healthcare professionals throughout India.

Sarabhai Chemicals has successfully expanded its presence, establishing itself in every state of India, as well as every district within those states

Mohal Sarabhai, CEO

How is Sarabhai Chemicals positioned in this market? Also, describe your company's flagship products, and how they differentiate from others in the market.

Sarabhai Chemicals has been serving India since the past many decades, founded with the mission to locally manufacture and promote high-quality medicines. Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises (ASE) is one of India's top diversified industrial house, which also includes pharmaceuticals, and founded by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, a renowned scientist, who also played a significant role in the development of the pharmaceutical industry in India. ASE continues to honor his vision and ideals.

Sarabhai Chemicals has a long-established history as a pioneer in the veterinary medicine industry in India. After a hiatus of more than ten years, the company made a comeback in 2017, reentering the veterinary segment. In just five years since its relaunch, Sarabhai Chemicals has successfully expanded its presence, establishing itself in every state of India, as well as every district within those states. Sarabhai is recognized as a pioneer of Penicillin in India, and our Xydocin brand is a prime example of this. Additionally, our Lorspeed product is another flagship offering that has a unique combination of minerals and herbs that enhances overall animal health, aids in the recovery from various diseases, and boosts milk production.

How do you ensure that your products are effective, and what sets your approach apart from others in the market?

We take great care to follow all department, GMP, and WHO guidelines, ensuring that quality checks are conducted at every step of drug production. Additionally, the sourcing of all API and packaging materials is personally overseen by top management to maintain consistency in quality and effectiveness across our products. We strive to ensure that the results of each product remain consistent, and we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, reliable products that they can trust.

Can you tell us about your team's expertise and how their combined experience is contributing to the growth of the company?

Our team comprises marketing professionals, each with a minimum of 20 years of work experience. With a deep understanding of the market dynamics, their expertise aids in the development of new products that meet the ever changing market demands. The team plays a significant role in launching new strategies to capture and retain customers, helping the company remain in the top spot.

How has the company performed since its inception? What is the company's future roadmap, and are there any plans for innovation or expansion of the service portfolio?

Since its launch in August 2017, Sarabhai Chemicals has enjoyed an exciting journey, expanding its presence to every district in India within just five years, with no reported quality complaints from anywhere. Currently, we have over 2,500 stockists who are directly connected with the company.

Yes, in FY 23-24, we plan to expand our portfolio beyond Bovine medicines and enter different veterinary sectors. Additionally, we will be launching several innovative digital products that will enable us to directly connect with consumers. These digital products will not only help customers save money when purchasing medicines but also assist them in saving on overall animal maintenance expenditures.

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