Top 10 Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers - 2023

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers  - 2023

Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers enhancing the drug absorption

In pharmaceutical industries, pellets are multiparticulate dosage form which was formed by the agglomeration of fine powdered excipient and drugs together that leads to the formation of small free flowing spherical or semi spherical particles. This technique is called as pelletization process. The common pellets are made from woody biomass, like sawdust, wood chips or forest residues, but there are a variety of raw materials which can be pelletized. Some examples are paper products, waste biomass, corn, cotton seed, hemp, miscanthus, reed canary grass, straw, cereal spillage, low grade hay and many more.

Benefits of Pellets: One of the supreme benefits of the pellet drug, the drug formulation development and pelletization technique help manufacture and modify the pellets to regulate the dosage.

Prevention of Dust Formation: Dust formation is a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Pellets are majorly used to manufacture sustained release dosage systems of medicines. Some of the advantages include daytime and nighttime activity of the drugs, less dosage frequency, and increased patient compliance. Good quality pellets have several benefits: reduced waste  less segregation in the feed, improved palatability and...

A. Siva Rama Prasad,Managing Director

A. Siva Rama Prasad

Managing Director

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers - 2023

Bioven Ingredients Bioven Ingredients Offering you a complete choice of products which include pharmaceutical pellets, bioven ingredients nutraceutical pellets, bioven ingredients pancreatin pellets and bioven ingredients vitamin pellets
Chempro Pharma Chempro Pharma A manufacturer and exporter of products ranging from APIs, Finished Formulations, Critical Raw Materials, Advanced Intermediates, Impurities, Pellets, and Nutraceuticals
Credo Life Credo Life A pharmaceutical company manufacturing specialized pellets and granules including IR pellets, SR pellets, controlled release pellets, taste mask granules, DC granules, multivitamins, and immunosuppressant
Global Pharma Tek Global Pharma Tek A company manufacturing , intermediates, finished formulations, pellets, fine chemicals impurities, nutraceuticals and more
Lara Drugs Lara Drugs A manufacturer & Exporter of various kinds of NDDS / Pellets for the global generics market, committed to bring innovative products for the healthcare professional to improve the health and well being of individuals
Primus Pharmaceuticals Primus Pharmaceuticals The organization offers a comprehensive range of services, starting from formulation development to market launch of all suites, also manufacturing tablet capsules, injections, syrups, pellets and ointments
Sainor Laboratories Sainor Laboratories The manufacturer in semi formulated Pellets & MUPS Serving the pharma industry for the last 13 years by supplying ready to fill pre-formulated pellets
Spansules Spansules A pellets manufacturing pharmaceutical company with manufacturing facilities and R&D facilities spearheading landmark research in the area of formulation development
Srushti Pharmaceuticals Srushti Pharmaceuticals An innovative manufacturers of sustained-release formulations, with a state-ofthe-art CGMP compliant, WHO compliant, dedicated facility to produce pellets, ready-to-fill blends, and capsules
Umang Pharmatech Umang Pharmatech A comprehensive global solution provider of wide range of high quality perfectly formulated pellets

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