Srushti Pharmaceuticals: Revolutionizing Drug Delivery Through Innovative Pharmaceutical Pellets

Jatish Sheth , Director

Jatish Sheth


Pharmaceutical pellets ready to fill into capsules have emerged as a pivotal component in the growing market of controlled-release formulations in India. These controlled-release formulations are designed to reduce the frequency of drug intake, offering patients a more convenient dosing regimen and improving the drug's bioavailability. The global market for controlled-release formulations, currently valued at $1.2 billion, is projected to reach $2.24 billion within the next five years. India, in line with its aim to elevate the pharmaceutical sector from $65 billion to $130 billion in the next decade, is experiencing a similar surge in demand for pharmaceutical pellets and sustained-release formulations.

In the fast-growing world of pharmaceuticals, Srushti Pharmaceuticals has emerged as an innovator, pioneering the development and production of some of the products as pharmaceutical pellets in India. “We are one of the pioneer Drug Delivery System (DDS) companies in India. We are innovative manufacturers of sustained-release formulations (pellets filled in capsules). We have a state-ofthe- art CGMP compliant, WHO compliant, dedicated facility to produce pellets, ready-to-fill blends, and capsules”, states Jatish Sheth, Director, Srushti Pharmaceuticals.

Market Potential for Pharmaceutical Pellets in India

Several key factors have fueled the growth of the pharmaceutical pellets market in India. Among them is the overarching growth of the pharmaceutical sector itself, which has opened up new avenues for drug delivery advancements. Srushti finds sustained-release pellets to be an exceptionally convenient solution, as they can be encapsulated in a single dosage form required for the day. This consolidation of multiple doses of capsules or tablets into sustained-release pellets not only improves patient compliance but also enhances drug efficacy and bioavailability. “Sustained-release formulations deliver the right amount of drug at the right time, at the right site in the body, to ensure therapeutic action and continuous patient relief. We perform strict in-process quality control throughout manufacturing. To ensure nothing is defective, the pellets and blend are tested and analyzed in-vitro for drug content, size, release pattern, and more”, adds Jatish.

Moreover, addressing the major pain points faced by customers in this segment is a crucial aspect of Srushti's success. Many customers face challenges as they do not manufacture the products themselves. The company

has taken proactive steps to address this concern by educating and supporting customers in understanding the complexities of pharmaceutical pellets, including countryspecific regulations and analytical procedures. Srushti's unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality also sets it apart from the competition, providing customers with the assurance of superior products. Among these products, pancreatin enteric-coated pellets, aspirin enteric-coated capsules, and diltiazem extended-release pellets sodium pas enteric-coated granules have garnered attention for their efficacy and precision in India and overseas. Additionally, the company's pellets used in amino acid formulations have proven to be particularly successful in the market.

Srushti Pharmaceuticals is where we innovate & create

Jatish Sheth , Director

Furthermore, as one of the leading players in the market, Srushti focuses on innovation rather than high-volume production. The company's strategic decision to venture into innovative products has set it apart from competitors in the industry. By prioritizing niche products that are difficult to manufacture, such as enteric-coated aspirin, enteric-coated pancreatin, extended-release indomethacin formulations, and complex amino acid formulations, Srushti establishes itself as a key player in the pharmaceutical pellets and sustained-release formulation market. This approach has earned the company the trust of prominent pharmaceutical companies, with Srushti supporting the requirements of several top-ranking companies in India.

Unique Approach & Future Roadmap

Srushti's client engagement process is a well-defined and customer-centric approach that begins with a thorough understanding of the client's specific requirements. The company collaborates closely with clients, providing expert insights and developing sustainable formulations that meet the client's needs. From raw material selection to product development, stability testing, and obtaining drug licenses, Srushti ensures complete transparency and effective communication throughout the process. By forging strong partnerships with clients, the company facilitates cobranding agreements, supporting the marketing of the final product under the client's brand name.

Looking ahead, Srushti is committed to continued innovation in its product portfolio. The company is actively exploring the development of rare and niche products that present unique challenges in development and manufacturing. Additionally, Srushti is eyeing expanding its overseas presence in the markets, particularly CIS countries, Australia, the Gulf region, and parts of Africa. The company's advanced pharmaceutical pellets have already been appreciated by discerning clientele in these regions, paving the way for further global expansion. Alongside, as the pharmaceutical industry embraces the era of innovation and technology, Srushti stands as a shining example of how a forward-thinking approach and an unwavering commitment to quality can drive growth and success. With a young and enthusiastic team, coupled with decades of combined experience, the company remains at the forefront of developing innovative pharmaceutical products. As it embarks on its future roadmap, Srushti is set to make even more significant strides in reshaping drug delivery and making a lasting impact on the global pharmaceutical landscape.

Hence, in its remarkable journey since its inception, Srushti has experienced both successes and challenges. However, the company's dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has fuelled its growth and earned the trust of numerous clients. With its pioneering spirit and commitment to delivering value through innovative pharmaceutical pellets, Srushti continues to shape the future of drug delivery in India and beyond. This innovative technology is extended by Srushti to products for application in the space and food industry.

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