Acasta Health: A Young Firm Innovating In Biologic Products That Address Age Related Degenerative Conditions

Suresh Poosala, Founder & CEO

Suresh Poosala

Founder & CEO

Over the past few years, India has seen a rapid advancement in biotech research and business. Numerous firms have emerged with ground-breaking and optimistic concepts, demonstrating the enormous talent in India. India's biotechnology sector reached $80.12 billion in 2022, up by 14 percent from the previous year. There have been numerous advancements, from cell and gene therapies, to finding alternative research models that replace using animals in study. This will experience remarkable growth along with a change in the regulatory environment and monitoring. Additionally, the moment is right to include AI into biotechnology, which has the potential to speed up the field's advancement. Acasta Health is a biotechnology start-up that specializes on therapeutics to treat ailments or issues brought on by aging and degeneration.

Acasta’s Unique Offerings

Acasta Health focuses on the study and creation of cuttingedge treatments for some of the most common degenerative illnesses of aging. The company concentrated on osteoarthritis, muscular and skin health, and neurological symptoms. In addition, Acasta is working with others to develop a platform and app based on genomics and proteomics to determine a person's biological age and then design a program of ongoing medical and scientific counselling to improve wellbeing and healthy aging, ultimately encouraging longevity.

"Our flagship product in R&D would be a fractionated cocktail of peptides that replaces current animal derived products, a fractionated cocktail of growth factors that are naturally derived from the human body for treating degenerative conditions and also promotes wound healing and skin health, and finally our AGEMAP tool that lets people of all ages understand their body at the genetic, molecular and cellular level and guide them towards their wellness”, shares Suresh Poosala (DVM, MS, PhD), Founder & CEO, Acasta Health. Suresh Poosala is actively involved in developing young scientific talent in innovation and advancing the life science research ecosystem in India.

Acasta Health focuses on innovation and creation of cutting-edge treatments for some of the most common degenerative conditions of aging, and tools that promote healthy aging and extend longevity

Suresh Poosala, Founder & CEO

In order to broaden the range of these products and increase their applicability to further pertinent fields, Acasta Health aims on making incremental enhancements to them. Acasta Health is special since it has a lineup of cuttingedge biologic treatments for aging illnesses. Focus is being placed on identifying the hazards of aging and advancing cutting-edge platforms, all of which are in a scientific arena with tremendous growth potential. The market that Acasta Health is targeting is healthful aging, which is necessary as the average lifespan of the population increases. The contributions from Acasta will obviously benefit people of all ages, and are anticipated to become an essential tool for the future generation of older citizens. Acasta labs are located in Vyas Cancer Research Park in Visakhapatnam and has a Marketing and Networking Arm in both Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

Future Plans

“We shall be launching our R&D reagents that enhance cell culture in the labs, therapeutics for the mentioned indications, and AGEMAP tool in 2023. Our future is dependent on our successful POC and scaling up of our products, effective clinical Phase 1 trials and further fund-raise and investment in business development and marketing, by expanding our team, finding suitable partners who can help us in GMP manufacturing, regulatory approvals and further expansion into US, European and Japanese markets. We have further innovations in expanding the scope of disease indications in neurologic and musculoskeletal, that our products are very much capable of addressing”, further adds Suresh.

Acasta Health is a special, cutting-edge start-up that specializes in aging and longevity. It may be the first in India to consider cutting-edge platforms to determine the biological age of select key organs and promote healthy aging. Acasta Health is well on its way to establishing the highest industry standards because innovation with high quality standards, is at the heart of its services.