Unique Biotech: Unraveling The True Potential Of Probiotics

Dr. Ratna Sudha , Managing Director

Dr. Ratna Sudha

Managing Director

The distinctive position of India’s pharmaceutical industry in the global landscape is being fueled by various factors. Primarily among them are rising healthcare awareness, heightened interest in preventive care, and shifting governmental policies like production-linked incentives (PLI). Within this booming segment, the probiotics domain is witnessing a rapid surge and development owing to growing consumer interest in practicing preventive healthcare and leading healthier lifestyles. Although the adoption of probiotics is increasing gradually, there is still a huge gap in the market, due to a lack of knowledge about its benefits, and apprehensions around the quality assurance of these products. With a market flooded with domestic and international brands promising similar results, finding a trusted product becomes a behemoth of a task.

Fortunately, Unique Biotech, a one-stop probiotic solution, stands as an innovator of diverse probiotic products. The company is acknowledged for its top-tier product range, formulated carefully through focused research, coupled with a rigorous developmental procedure (wherein each microbial strain undergoes an extensive screening process to discover its probiotic properties).

Unfolding Health Benefits

With a comprehensive probiotic remedies portfolio, Unique Biotech is an expert in developing a variety of probiotic strains and blending them according to the healthspecific indications. The company takes satisfaction in offering a wide range of dosage forms including oil drops, syrup, candies, chewy or effervescent tablets, granules, pills, pouches, stick packets (powder), as well as oral suspensions.

Unique Biotech's products also cater to kids, with specific oral suspensions or drops designed for babies. For oral healthcare, options such as chewable tablets that are customized to individual needs are recommended. The company’s range of gummies, available in a variety of flavors and shapes offer a tasty and practical way to enjoy the health benefits of probiotics.

“All our strains, obtained from natural sources, are well characterized and screened for various probiotic properties with safety and efficacy established through in vitro, in vivo, and clinical trials. We are committed to maintaining high standards through our stringent quality checks which ensures that we consistently meet viability and functional requirements. We believe that we deliver what we promise viz purity, viability, and health benefits backed by scientific studies. In the last couple of years, we have developed probiotic solutions for lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity & PCOS. Our DSIR-recognized R&D department focuses on identifying the appropriate probiotic strains to be developed for the indication”, shares Dr. Ratna Sudha, Managing Director.

Our vision is to enhance health & wellness the natural way through probiotic solutions backed by scientific research

Dr. Ratna Sudha , Managing Director

Committed to serving various sectors, the company's customized probiotic organisms extend beyond human healthcare to include animal healthcare and agriculture. For human health, its formulations transcend basic digestive and immune support, extending to specific solutions targeting renal health, brain health, cardiovascular health, women’s health, oral health, bone health, inflammation, and more, tailored for various age groups. The probiotic strains undergo meticulous screening for specific properties pertinent to each product, followed by comprehensive in vivo and clinical trials to ensure documented efficacy.

For animal healthcare, body weight, digestibility, feed conversion ratio, lower mortality, and reducing the usage of antibiotics through probiotics are a few of the parameters considered in developing products for animal healthcare, Needs vary again on whether it is poultry, cattle, swine and more. In the aqua segment, the company has probiotic formulations that prevent and treat infections, help clean ponds and lakes by removing obnoxious gases.

With their strong antipathogenic action over agricultural pests and notable ability to increase crop output, probiotic products are used in agriculture as biopesticides and biofertilizers. Unique Biotech’s dedication to improving productivity and health across a variety of fields is demonstrated by the wide range of customized probiotic solutions it offers across industries.

Upcoming Innovations

“Innovation is what drives us and is the crux of our R&D. With the understanding of the huge impact that the gut microbiome has, we are in a relentless pursuit to pioneer groundbreaking probiotic formulations that not only optimize digestive health but also leverage the intricate interplay between the gut microbiome and overall wellbeing. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond conventional boundaries, propelling us to explore novel strains, advanced delivery systems, and cutting-edge technologies”, further shares Dr. Ratna.

Pioneering scientific research, the company aims to redefine the role of probiotics, going beyond digestive well-being and envisioning a transformative future for its products. With a focus on the substantial impact of probiotics on overall health and vitality, Unique Biotech is resolute in revolutionizing the probiotics industry through unwavering dedication to innovation. The company's future vision centers on investigations and groundbreaking discoveries, shaping a future where probiotics stand at the forefront of enhancing general well-being across various contexts.

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