Voxtur Bio: Transforming The Ivd Industry Through Cutting-Edge Solutions

Dr. Veeraal Gandhi , Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Veeraal Gandhi

Chairman & Managing Director

The advancing diagnostics sector in India is propelled by governmental initiatives like the PLI (Production Linked Incentive) scheme, the establishment of medical device parks, and industry advancements. With growing awareness and demand for high-quality diagnostic products, there is also an increase in special budget allocation for eradicating diseases like Sickle Cell and Tuberculosis. However, challenges persist regarding the accessibility and affordability of advanced diagnostic tests. Voxtur Bio is dedicated to addressing these challenges by creating indigenous solutions known for their exceptional quality and standards while maintaining affordability. As a trailblazer in the industry, the company occupies a unique position, driven by its unwavering commitment to indigenous innovation in cutting-edge diagnostic solutions.

Innovation in Diagnostics

As an FDA-licensed, GMP-compliant, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 13485:2016 BSI accredited company, Voxtur is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where the firm produces its clinical lab diagnostic testing kits. With an emphasis on in-house R&D and a focus on innovation that drives cost-effectiveness along with superior quality, Voxtur stands as a leader in the development of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies incorporated within its products.

“The convergence of innovation, quality, and affordability encapsulated in the very essence of our name, 'Voxtur,' defines our unique standing in the market, making us a preferred choice for clients seeking high-quality diagnostic testing solutions. The name 'Voxtur' itself means growth that has been effectively synchronized with innovation, quality, and affordability. Our passion and mission are to enable perfection in quality and an innovative approach towards the development of products in trend,” shares Dr. Veeraal Gandhi, Chairman and Managing Director of Voxtur Bio.

Through these concerted efforts towards innovation, Voxtur has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products, including advanced clinical laboratory diagnostic kits. Among these, its sickle cell test kits and semi-quantitative ferritin diagnostic testing kits stand as flagship innovations. Other offerings include HIV, HCV, HBsAg, Malaria, Dengue, and other lateral flow assays. All these products stand out in the market due to their pioneering nature that blends innovation, precision, and accessibility. “The Sickle Cell Test Kit, our initial indigenous offering, signifies our commitment to pioneering advancements. Its unparalleled accuracy and cost-effectiveness cater specifically to tribal populations grappling with Sickle Cell disease. Furthermore, our Semi-Quantitative Ferritin diagnostic testing kit underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. Its unique features, precision, and user-friendly design distinguish it from conventional products available in the market, reflecting our ongoing commitment to delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions,” further shares Dr. Gandhi.

Motivated by strong values of integrity, honesty, trust, quality, and affordability, Voxtur has maintained an unwavering focus on client centricity. In alignment with these goals, the company’s products serve both domestic and global users after ensuring that every single product successfully passes through stringent quality control protocols. By ensuring that every product meets precise and controlled standards for functionality, Voxtur has enabled a seamless and error-free diagnostics procedure, considering the impact that diagnostic tests have on patient treatment strategies.

Our passion & mission are to enable perfection in quality & an innovative approach towards the development of products in trend

Dr. Veeraal Gandhi , Chairman & Managing Director

Social Impact

Voxtur’s focus does not merely extend to its potential end-users alone. The company is also deeply invested in and committed to creating a positive societal impact. The firm’s ethos, rooted in making meaningful contributions to the healthcare sector, drives its efforts for the eradication of diseases by making diagnostic kits reliable and accessible.

Through a journey defined by resilience, determination, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and a fiery dedication to impacting the healthcare sector worldwide, Voxtur Bio has earned a reputation as a catalyst for positive change, adding value to human lives around the world. Since its inception, the company has propelled to exciting heights of achievement brought on by its ability to stay determined in the face of challenges and the sheer commitment to becoming a leading innovator. Acquiring a global clientele within the healthcare community by forging long-term strategic relationships, collaborations, and partnerships based on trust and credibility played a pivotal role in writing the firm’s success story.

Having accomplished tremendous feats in its journey so far, the company has an exciting roadmap planned for its next ventures and future endeavors. Starting by venturing into the instruments sector, the company will be marking a thrilling period of significant expansion of its offerings. For this, the company is preparing to launch a spectrum of advanced instruments that can be used to complement Voxtur’s diagnostic test kits. Moreover, the company will expand its offerings to include POCT FIA devices, Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzers, as well as Hematology Analyzers- which will boost the current offerings to encompass comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Throughout its endeavors for enhancing product offerings and designing a comprehensive suite of solutions for healthcare professionals and laboratories, Voxtur’s consistent focus on quality assurance and innovation remains steadfast. With a commitment to impact the global healthcare landscape and a proven record of surpassing customer expectations, the company is poised to become a global leader in the coming years.

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