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Empassion Health and Theoria Medical Team up To Offer Patient Services

India Pharma Outlook Team | Thursday, 04 January 2024

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Empassion Health and Theoria Medical announced a strategic alliance that will benefit their patients across the country by offering additional treatment and services, cutting out-of-pocket costs, and increasing the number of lives touched by Theoria and Empassion Health care model.

Theoria Medical is a medical group and technology company focused on improving outcomes for patients in the post-acute and long-term care settings, providing a tech-enabled primary care model that includes multispecialty care, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and much more. Empassion Health is a managed services organization that uses innovative technology to identify patients with higher needs, provider education on advance care planning and logistics management services of the ACO REACH program, as per Empassion Health.

With the High Needs ACO REACH initiative, Theoria will transition from a fee-for-service approach to a value-based care (VBC) model, allowing Theoria to focus on delivering high-quality treatment while lowering healthcare costs. Rather than monetarily rewarding the amount of treatments, VBC models reward providers for better patient outcomes.

"Empassion Health is thrilled to support the Theoria Medical mission of changing healthcare delivery. Theoria's commitment to high quality providers, a great care model, and technology innovation will make them successful in their transition into value-based care," said Chase Knight, SVP of Growth at Empassion Health.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Empassion Health and embark on the journey to further advance high quality care for our patient populations. The High Needs ACO REACH program is the first step in our vision to expand into many more innovative care models." -- Kevin Pezeshkian CSO

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