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Harbinger partners with Amaha to Advocate Mental Health Support

India Pharma Outlook Team | Friday, 13 October 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Amaha, India's foremost mental health organization has joined Harbinger, a worldwide technology firm that develops solutions for the Human Resources , eLearning, and Digital Publishing , Education, and High-Tech sectors. This collaboration seeks to deliver complete employee well-being services to Harbinger's 800+ workers while also driving positive cultural change and putting mental health and well-being first. Harbinger's dedication to creating a supportive work environment that prioritizes its employees' mental health complements Amaha's purpose of assisting in the creation of emotionally healthy and resilient workplaces.

Amaha will use the clinical knowledge of its 140+ in-house therapists and psychiatrists, as well as a programmatic approach, to create a bespoke staff well-being program for Harbinger as part of this collaboration, as per ANI. The employee well-being program will provide an integrated mental health ecosystem of services, such as mental health workshops, surveys, individual therapy and psychiatry interventions, stress management techniques, and access to an online mental health platform with over 600 self-care tools and resources.

Harbinger will be given a live dashboard to analyze trends in the team's mental health, and they will collaborate with Amaha to build specific solutions. Neville Postwalla, Vice President of Talent Management at Harbinger said, "We wholeheartedly recognise the intricate connection between well-being and professional fulfillment. By forging this strategic alliance with Amaha, we are embarking on a journey to holistically enhance the wellness of our valued employees and create an environment where our team's mental health is not just supported but celebrated."

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