Torus Health & Tata 1mg Collaborate for Comprehensive Healthcare

India Pharma Outlook Team | Wednesday, 14 February 2024

  India Pharma Outlook Team

Torus Health has partnered with Tata 1mg to create a unique new solution in the healthcare industry. An innovative initiative by Torus Group, a subsidiary of Cosmea Financial Holdings Pvt Ltd, is about to revolutionize India's health and wellness sector with a great app called 'Hey Torus.'

Making healthcare accessible: Torus Health launched its website in the first week of October 2023, with more than 300 daily orders. The website, part of the 'Hey Torus' domain, aims to be a one-stop shop for health needs, including pharmacies, blood tests and medical advice. Our partnership with trusted Tata 1mg seeks to provide affordable and comprehensive healthcare services to Indian consumers. Tours Health aims to offer users the best discounts on other e-pharmacy platforms.

Innovative approach to care: With a business-to-customer approach, Torus Health aims to integrate a holistic approach to medicine. They plan to do this by finding the right balance between medical and natural approaches, combining traditional and modern methods to provide a comprehensive solution. "Hey, Taurus" explores new treatment options, including vaccines, homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda, functional medicine and homeopathy.

Strategic development: 'Hey Torus' plans to combine health, wealth and education in its next application phase. For example, a patient with diabetes receives homeopathic and traditional medicine and learns about the habits that need to be changed to improve their quality of life. "Hey, Taurus" offers affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Very Affordable: A leader in the Indian healthcare industry, Tata 1mg is one of India's most established and trusted healthcare brands. The collaboration with Tata 1mg is still on the website and will be integrated into the main app, 'Hey Torus.' Close to 1mg currently operates over 25,000 brands in India, demonstrating its commitment to access and quality.

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