mChemist: A Go-To Brand That Provides Customers Access To Affordable Medicines

Rajeev Ranjan, CEO

Rajeev Ranjan


Significant factors like increased access to the internet, rising target population, and growing awareness regarding self-health are driving the demand for online pharmacies across the globe. People seek convenient and economical delivery of medical services. They want not just an online pharmacy but a service that guarantees to surmount non-availability, lack of authenticity, and high-priced medicines. Knowing this and with the vision of providing more convenience to the users, four industry executives incorporated Mchemist Global in December 2014. Mchemist enables patients to care for their long-term medicine requirements and overall health. By providing the convenience of buying medicines online, Mchemist promises to deliver authentically and 100 percent original prescribed medicines at your doorsteps. The store hosts medicines, healthcare supplements, daily wellness aids, herbal supplements, and healthcare devices from popular and bona fide brands. Being a customer-focused company, the company's president will explain how they manage to be one of the pioneers in the e-pharmacy business.

In conversation with Amit Kumar, President, Mchemist.

How is your company positioned in this market? Tell us about the overall journey of the company.

Mchemist is one of the pioneers in the e-Pharmacy business. The company was started in 2014 by industry veterans like Rajiv Gulati, ex-president of Ranbaxy, Rajiv Ranjan, former corporate advisor Apollo Hospitals and ex-director of US-based CVS-Caremark; Gurvinder Pal Singh Baxi, pharma supply chain entrepreneur, and Navinder Singh Sethi, former associate director of Eli Lilly. As a company, our aim has always been on building a long-term relationship with our customers. Hence our focus has been on selling prized products without compromising on quality. This can sometimes get difficult due to a large number of competitors using short-term aggressive marketing strategies. Even so, we are grateful to have customers who trust us with their medicines.

Furthermore, Mchemist has created its niche in B2B pharmacy supply. Mchemist is also an authorized distributor for some pharmacy companies for their products and launching new products and services in the coming months for retail customers.

Mchemist is entirely focused on making healthcare products and services accessible to every indian, whether they reside in a remote area or a metropolitan city, at the same rates nationwide

Rajeev Ranjan, CEO

Elaborate on the wide range of health products and services offered by Mchemist. How do these services differentiate Mchemist from other players in the market?

Mchemist is entirely focused on making healthcare products and services accessible to every Indian, whether they reside in a remote area or a metropolitan city, at the same rates nationwide. By developing trustworthy supply sources offering significant purchase discounts, Mchemist ensures that only genuine medicines and other healthcare products are available at affordable rates to its patients. Mchemist remains singularly focused on its service goals of providing authentic, affordable, and accessible medicines and OTCs globally.

Amit Kumar, PresidentOur processes are straightforward and intended to enable the least and the most tech-savvy patients to place and follow up on their orders. The other differentiating factor is compliance with the drug laws and rules of the country.

With the help of such exceptional services, Mchemist must have helped various customers. Kindly share a success story that has earned a considerable reputation for the company.

For one of the programs of an MNC pharmaceutical company, we were required to deliver its medicines in some of the country's remotest or most disturbed areas, so much so that several courier companies did not even serve those areas. We built networks and partnerships with several small and local logistics companies and carriers to help each area. We rarely, if ever, failed to make deliveries in these areas even though coordinating our efforts with the local couriers was generally very demanding. This has been one of our most profound moments in business. It takes forward the idea of making medicines accessible to every part of the country.

"We remains singularly focused on its service goals of providing authentic, affordable & accessible medicines and otcs globally"

What is the future roadmap of the company in the years ahead?

Mchemist general thrust is to continue with the endeavour to provide the best service in the e-Pharma industry. We, as a company, aim to do our bit by resisting the trend to commoditize the Pharmacy trade. Instead, Mchemist will continue to strive to distinguish itself by providing the best possible service and quality to each Indian across the country and building long-lasting relations with our people.

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