Adapting to the Changing Paradigm in Pharma

Sudhakar Singh, Managing Editor

The impact of globalization, scientific advancement, and competition is evident in today’s pharma sector and companies are striving to address changing business needs. To stay ahead, new initiatives are required in human resources domain such as cultural development, performance management, and compensation. In this issue, we have delved deep into this segment to understand how pharma companies are gearing themselves up for this change. The cover story of this issue features Beta Drugs Ltd. (BDL) which provides API for more than 80 percent of its products, ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of the products. Moreover, its widespread presence in private, government and corporate institutions across the country ensures that the drug reaches all indigent patients. BDL is positioned in the oncology category as a leading, backward-integrated manufacturing and marketing firm. Also featuring in the issue is AN Pharmaceuticals which caters to niche medical segments like Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Oncology & more. Apart from a robust research team, we have a highly-skilled marketing and distribution team. The company has highly effective carrying and forwarding agents (C&FA) conveniently located in areas of NCR, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Pune, Bihar, and Jharkhand. The strong network of 200+ stockists in India covers more than ten thousand prominent retailers across India with the help of skilled salesmen and deliverymen to cater to the rising need of markets. Reading on you will find more such stories.

Keeping tabs on this market, we have shortlisted the 10 companies that have exhibited an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. By proving their dedication to fulfilling customer expectations and contributing to the market’s evolution through their innovative disposition, these companies are blazing a trail for others to follow and setting an example for them.

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