AN Pharmaceuticals: Delivering Medicines That Meet The Market Needs

Rishab Arora, Chief Executive

Rishab Arora

Chief Executive

Factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, geopolitics, new therapeutic modalities, and new ways of working have forced pharma companies to reconsider their business strategy for long-term choices in sourcing, marketing, and supply chain. The level of innovation that’s taking place in the industry is likely to create tremendous value. AN Pharmaceuticals, a reputed pharma marketer, is spearheading this revolution. The company which laid its foundation in 2001, successfully now has achieved a milestone of 500M turnovers. The company has a strong presence in various reputed & leading hospitals.

In an interview with Pharma Industry Outlook, Rishabh Arora, chief executive at AN Pharmaceuticals, shares his insights on the company’s value proposition, the changing pharma market, and the way his company is meeting the market requirement.

Could you tell us your company’s vision and future mission?

We work hard and aspire to be ranked as the number one growing pharmaceutical company in India. We aim to provide excellent quality products with the best research elements available. Also, to develop an extensive & exclusive Customer base of Doctors based solely on professional excellence & commitment through the right quality products for their patient's benefit at an appropriate cost. For our employees, we want to be known as one of the best skilled and paid professionals in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry.

Our ultimate vision is to be a globally recognized and admired Pharmaceutical Company, that makes the world a healthier place and provides the best medicines to the ones who need them in the highest quality. We are aiming at 100+ Crores turnovers in the upcoming year and expansion in 10 more states.

How do you meet the needs of the pharma market?

As a distinct Pharmaceutical company, we cater to niche medical segments like Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Oncology & more. Apart from a robust research team, we have a highly-skilled marketing and distribution team.

We aim to provide excellent quality products with the best research elements available

Rishab Arora, Chief Executive

The goal of our excellent marketing team is to achieve better reach & penetration through various markets. Our distribution team helps in smoother and more consistent supplies through an efficient distribution network to ensure convenience to the end users. The company has highly effective carrying and forwarding agents (C&FA) conveniently located in areas of NCR, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Pune, Bihar, and Jharkhand. The strong network of 200+ stocklists in India covers more than ten thousand prominent retailers across India with the help of skilled salesmen and deliverymen to cater to the rising need of markets. As a part of its marketing strategy, AN Pharma is actively involved in patient awareness activities like organizing camps, academic forums for medical practitioners, and patient education material for clinics and pharmacies.

Can you please elaborate on the wide range of products you offer?

We provide and market a broad range of generic and specialty medications that are highly complementary to one another and are intended to treat both acute and chronic conditions. Our product line consists of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, specialty, difficult-to-manufacture goods, and branded generics.

We are able to respond to local treatment demands while enhancing our worldwide product offering thanks to our presence across the country. We are mainly focused on nutraceuticals.

As a result of our effective Marketing and Distribution network, our company has seen fast growth in the last ten years. Majorly medical practitioners appreciate our products to benefit patients.

Could you shed some light on the current pharma industry, the key drivers, and the challenges?

The new generation and other people, in general, are becoming health-conscious since the outbreak of COVID-19. There is innovation happening all around the market. At AN Pharmaceuticals, we are always looking to keep up with the trend. We have a special research team to develop products according to the requirement of the customers like doctors and we try to meet the market needs as well. Unlike other pharma companies, we don’t run after the market. For example, if any company launches paracetamol everyone in the industry starts developing that product. We don’t follow that practice. We develop products as per the market requirement, for example, magnesium was a certain downfall for like nine out of 10 people. Everybody had a deficiency post-covid, especially in the recovery part. So we included it in certain molecules to overcome the deficiency. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. If the patient is happy, your medicine is a success.

The current pharma market is pretty dynamic. Years ago, if you had told someone they could buy prescription or over-the-counter drugs online, they would look at you in disbelief. But today, online sales have changed the face of the pharmaceutical industry. It's a totally new era of medicine sales. Patients get 24/7 access to internet pharmacies from any location. They can pick up a prescription as soon as they hang up from a telemedicine appointment or even before they leave the doctor's office. Additionally, getting a refill is simple and quick. However, it has got a downside as well. As a result of rising online pharmacy usage, the global market for counterfeit medications has grown. This is surely one of the major concerns for pharmaceutical organizations.

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