Inotek: An Early Adopter Of Effective Turnkey Solutions In The Pharmaceutical Sector

Rohit Ochaney, Co-Founder

Rohit Ochaney


Dedicated to helping people live better and longer lives, pharmaceutical firms work relentlessly to discover and create innovative treatments and medications. However, the pharmaceutical industry has its own different set of challenges. They must keep a close eye on the manufacturing of the pharmaceuticals to ensure that productivity, desired quality, and regulatory compliances are achieved, since even the smallest of missteps may have devastating consequences.

With so much at risk, it might be difficult to shift their focus to more pedestrian concerns, such as the building and purchasing of equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals. Here's when "turnkey" comes in useful. Organizations like Inotek Pharma, which provide turnkey services, are well-equipped to manage every stage of the manufacturing set-up.

Inotek is a forward-thinking company that was established in 2018 by Sunil Lande, Nirmal Kumar, and Rohit Ochaney. The need for Inotek arose from glaring gaps in the pharmaceutical sector, such as the imbalance between customer needs, evolving regulatory environment, and the solutions provided through turnkey solutions.

Below is an excerpt of Sunil Lande, Nirmal Kumar, and Rohit Ochaney’s exclusive interaction with the Industry Outlook magazine.

Tell us about the factors that inspired you to establish Inotek.

We observed that a lack of knowledge on the part of the enterprises with the essential processes and the regulations was a typical cause of the turnkey solutions industry to stall. Since this was the case, companies were unable to satisfy the client's requirements or follow the stipulated norms. Thereby, we sought to step in and ensure that the client received value even while the plant ran at peak performance, ultimately helping the client's enterprise retain its standing in the market. Moreover, we saw a need in the market and decided to develop Inotek as a group of companies to deliver our expertise in the form of revenue-generating services and technical expertise to the sector.

Elaborate on the services offered by Inotek.

Inotek offers a whole spectrum of support beginning with the design process. As soon as a client comes to Inotek with a set of requirements/expectations, the company does all in its power to provide a solution that meets every one of those needs. And only when the client has approved our design, Inotek begins working on the project, supplying everything from architectural design, Clean room engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering as well as the necessary equipment set up and even flooring as well. After the installation is complete, Inotek also offers validation services to check that everything is operating as it should.

Inotek's turnkey solution projects are carried out completely by its team of 20 design engineers, who are responsible for creating comprehensive site plans and thorough conceptual designs. Since Inotek designs these layouts and engineers the solutions internally, they have complete say on overall functional and methodological decisions.

As soon as a client comes to Inotek with a list of requirements, the company does all in its power to provide a solution that meets each & every one of those needs

Rohit Ochaney, Co-Founder

There is a lot of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry within Inotek's upper echelons. Nonetheless, Inotek's team maintains that thorough process knowledge is necessary before the facility can be built so that all client worries are addressed and the design is accepted.

Mention the key points that differentiate your company from other players in this segment.

Extracts, cleanrooms, HVAC, Electrical works, Mechanical Works, Clean room flooring equipment, and water treatment systems are just a few of the areas in which Inotek's partners excel, helping the company stand out among its competitors.

To top it all off, Inotek has six committed partners that work tirelessly to provide their customers with all they need.

It is apparent that we put a premium on adhering to the budgetary limitations, project schedules, and other requirements established by our customers after we have taken over the project.

Plus, after we have the project, the client determines and selects the services they desire, allowing them to fortify additional capabilities as needed. Lastly, we are reliable partners because we consistently deliver on our commitments.

Are you working on any innovations or upgradations that can have a positive impact on the quality of your services?

Inotek is at the forefront of providing turnkey solutions to the pharmaceutical industry owing to its process-oriented approach and dedication to social responsibility. And right now, we're in the midst of constructing a hospital in Northern Africa with a wing devoted entirely to super speciality oncology, complete with 150 beds. The work on this project is still ongoing. We also have a project going on in the northern part of India involving medical devices, and another one also in the northern part of the country involving injectables. These two endeavours are also currently under construction.

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