Kireeti Soft Technologies: Aiding Pharma Players Become Future-Ready With Technology Intervention

Sridhar Narra , Managing Director

Sridhar Narra

Managing Director

The Pharma Software market is undoubtedly evolving in a myriad of different ways. When it comes to digitalization, it has increased since the pre-corona era. Retail pharmacies recognize the significance of software utilization and operations. At the same time, pharma distributors prefer to upgrade their technologies in order to meet the market's and people's increased new demands. However, because the pharmaceutical distribution market operates on razor-thin margins, major exceptions from software would be faster billing, mobile-based billing, analytical reports, margin analysis, and maximizing customer service and value. Pharmaceutical companies prefer customized solutions to meet their needs. Aside from day-to-day transaction management, their primary focus is market data analysis. Upgradation of technologies is the most important strategy to meet new generation requirements.

Catering to its niche clients for the last 25 years, Kireeti Soft’s Pharmasoft product has carved a niche for itself in catering to the ever changing needs in the pharma segment. Initially, Pharmasoft was developed initially to meet the requirements of pharma distributors and subsequently, a retail pharmacy solution also has been launched. In the last 25 years, Pharmasoft has been constantly upgraded with the latest technologies to provide the best possible product to customers.

In an exclusive interview with Pharma Industry Outlook Magazine, Sridhar Narra, Managing Director at Kireeti Soft Technologies walks us through the unique traits of the company and its offerings:

Tell us about the team of Kireeti Soft Technologies. How is your combined experience helping the firm to grow?

Kireeti Soft's teams have extensive experience in a variety of markets and verticals. Because the Exports division primarily serves customers in the United States, they are always up to date on the latest technologies and practices. As the latest technologies continue to migrate to India, this has resulted in significant advantages when working on domestic products.

We use the combined experience of all teams to bring the most up-to-date technologies to domestic customers and products. This allows our company to be at the top of the technology stack in comparison to the competition.

Kireeti Soft Technologies strives to develop flexible, custom-designed software meeting all the requirements of the customers. What approach does the firm follow to attain the same?

It is always a substantial difficulty to satisfy all customer requirements in product development. We must maintain a balance between all customers' expectations and meet all customers' requirements in the same solution. We have a system in place for combining all customer requirements on a regular basis, consolidating them, and prioritizing important features. This model enables us to provide the best features possible to all customers.

What are the key specifications of the range of services delivered by the firm? What are the key checkpoints that the firm adheres to ensure the quality of the service delivered?

User friendliness, performance, and flexibility are some of the key specifications that we take into account. We always verify these critical aspects when developing or delivering any of our services. When it comes to web applications that handle multiple transactions on servers at the same time, performance is crucial, and we use architecture to meet this requirement. A thorough QA process, combined with interactions with newcomers to understand user experience, makes the product simple to use.

Latest technologies and personalized customer service distinguish Kireetisoft's Pharmasoft from competitors in the market

Sridhar Narra , Managing Director

Please elaborate, what are the key points that differentiate your company from other players in this segment?

Latest technologies and personalized customer service distinguish Kireetisoft's Pharmasoft from competitors in the market. In contrast to other markets, pharma customers are dominated by an unorganized sector and self-run business models. As a result, they are unable to attract HR talent. As a result, one important aspect of their success in automation is hands-on customer service. Kireetisoft has a fleet of customer support representatives who assist customers at every step to make their lives easier.

How has been the journey of the company since its inception? Walk us through the growth it has received in terms of clients and geographical expansions.

Kireetisoft has been in the software development business for over 25 years. We began with general accounting software and quickly realized the importance of vertical applications in meeting the demands of specific industries. We launched the Pharmasoft product for the pharmaceutical market, and the ChITFARE product for Chit Funds. Pharmasoft is the most widely used software product in the state of Andhra Pradesh. CHITCARE is also very successful and has a sizable market share in India.

Apart from domestic software products, Kireetisoft also exports software and provides services to leading transportation management companies in the United States and Mexico. Kireetisoft is also in the e-Commerce business and has successfully run a Gift portal for the past two decades.

Where do you see this market in the near future? What is the future roadmap for your Company?

There is still a lot of room for growth in both domestic and export markets. When it comes to the Pharma market, new technologies will continue to force this sector to integrate with all modes of payment, collections, and business intelligence reports. When it comes to software exports, India has a significant cost and quality advantage, and it will continue to grow.

Kireetisoft intends to launch a Transportation Management Software product as well as a Warehouse Management Software product to serve the markets of the United States and Mexico. We intend to launch a product using our existing expertise in developing custom solutions for these domains. We will continue to expand our product line in the Indian market.