Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals: Harnessing The Power Of Cutting-Edge Technology In Rendering High-Caliber, Cost-Efficient Products On The Global Front

Gaurav Kaushik, MD & CEO

Gaurav Kaushik


Biopharmaceuticals are among the most significant achievements of modern science. These medications are progressively being employed in almost all disciplines of medicine and have emerged as one of the most effective clinical treatments for a variety of ailments. Significantly, a prominent, integrated, and well-diversified Biotech Company that was established with the ambitious goal of introducing specialized biopharmaceutical products and biotech solutions to address the demand of a quality conscious market is Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals, founded in 2006, is an Ahmedabad-based company with offices in Chandigarh and the US. The firm has worked tirelessly since its inception to research, develop, manufacture, and market specialized biological, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology products. Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals lays its expertise in the production and distribution of enzymes and enzyme preparations, probiotics, and nutraceuticals for a variety of industries.
Upholding its promise of high-quality products and unrivaled technical assistance, Meteoric exports to almost 80 countries across the globe including the US, Japan, Brazil, the UK, Germany, South Korea, and Canada to name a few. “We continuously strive to educate our customers and associated stakeholders on how to get the most out of our products and to provide all information on inventory control, scientific data, clinical trial research, and more.

Making product awareness, educating the benefits and use of it, and determining ways to reduce costs are the major challenges in the industry that our company has addressed efficiently,” emphasizes Gaurav Kaushik, MD & CEO.
In an exclusive interview with India Pharma Outlook magazine Gaurav Kaushik, enlightens us more about Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals and its unique traits.

Tell us about the team of Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals.
Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals has a competent team of 140 professionals who are constantly involved in enhancing the product and segment, cost effectiveness, and ensuring to stay aligned with the latest tools and technology in the market.

Since Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals is science-driven, working more on innovation and R&D programs, the team comprises highly skilled professionals from QA, QC, R&D department, PhDs in various sectors of biopharma-ceuticals & biotechnology, qualified pharmaceutical, biopharma, and pharmacy professionals.
How is the firm employing advanced technology and techniques in its total operations?
Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals is equipped with a state-of-the art production facility with two R&D centers, wherein one is dedicated to probiotics and the other is for Nutraceuticals & Enzymes.

We are very agile in adopting new technology and procedures with all types of cutting-edge scientific instruments rightly placed to conduct high-end and high-risk development programs. We leverage all kinds of advanced bioengineering and processes in our facility to make the product more efficient and meet practically all of the specified standards and regulatory criteria of the nations in which we operate.

What are key facets that differentiate your company from other players in this segment?
 One of the primary differentiating factors that set Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals apart from the other peers in the market is our assistance to the customer on the analysis part. Whatever innovations, R&D, or product launch, the most important aspect when going into the customer’s hands is how they can comply with the regulatory, QA, and QC in the country and the market where the product is to be launched.

Thus, Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals takes into the analytical services in a very efficient way and is one of our most important USP, since analyzing a biological product is very complex as opposed to a typical pharmaceutical ingredient. Moreover, we don’t believe in making the product and technology that we offer to be prohibitively priced. Since they are looking for an alternative to synthetic and hazardous chemicals and certain APIs, we ensure that the cost of the biological solution is not an impediment to their use.

How has been the overall journey of the company since its inception?
 Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals is growing at the rate of 40 percent over the last 5-6 years. We have come a long way since our inception in 2006, from initial export to surrounding Asian countries to reaching nearly 80 countries globally with a strong foothold in the high-end regulatory market. The technology and science rendered to the customers, innovation, working on the customization of products, value addition of products in a more biological way, and cost-effectiveness have played a great impact in our geographical expansion.

Where do you see Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals in the coming years? What is the future roadmap for your Company?
Meteoric Biopharmaceuticals is set to be a global biopharmaceuticals company, as we are working rigorously on a number of promising products and novel solutions. Apart from biopharmaceuticals, we are targeting more industries in the field of bio agriculture, biosimilars, crop science, and bioenergy in the upcoming years.

Upholding its promise of high quality products and unrivalled technical assistance, Meteoric exports to almost 80 countries across the globe

Gaurav Kaushik, MD & CEO

Besides being operational in the human healthcare segment, we are also very active in the realm of animal healthcare, offering end-to-end biological solutions devoid of hazardous chemicals and antibiotics. Since animal healthcare is significantly important, whether dairy animals, birds, or poultry, it is critical that they are fed the correct food.

Thus, one of Meteoric’s active segment verticals of animal healthcare will be developing biological products for overall animal health & nutritional aspect and will be working on some of the major diseases and illnesses of dairy, poultry, and other animals that are a part of our daily diet.
All in all, the idea is to say no to antibiotics and hazardous chemicals.

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