Shree Venkatesh International: Trailblazer Of Reliability & Innovation In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Sanjay Gadhesariya, Chairman & Managing Director

Sanjay Gadhesariya

Chairman & Managing Director

Shree Venkatesh International Ltd is one of the fastest flourishing Indian pharmaceutical company, laying its expertise in developing, upgrading, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of Pharmaceutical medications. Shree Venkatesh International, a WHO - GMP Certified company dealing in all types of Generic Medicines, Pharmaceutical Formulations, and Bulk Drugs with its head office in Surat, Gujarat which is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Hub in India. 

In an exclusive interview with India Pharma Outlook Magazine, Sanjay Gadhesariya, Chairman and Managing Director at Shree Venkatesh International, enlightensus about the company and its unique traits.
Shed light on the competency of the company in the field today.

We define our competency as adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, and capacity. We have the resources for training that is focused on day-to-day developments as per current industry standards. Progressive organizations always recognize that change is continual andin order to progress, there must be an ongoing process of changing what and how work is done. Ethically we believe in providing good quality products to the patients.

Rapid and complex changes in development of technologies, patients and healthcare system needs and regulatory obligations applied to medicine development throughout their lifecycle, are among our core competencies. Scientific discipline is concerned with the discovery, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring, and medical aspects of marketing medicines for the benefit of patients and public health. The development of marketed medicines in the treatment is considered taking into account clinical and cost effectiveness and is made available to patients. 

How is your company positioned to meet the major expectation of the clients?

We firmly believe in the QBD concept and adhere to strict 'TQM (total quality management)'. Our motto is 'No compromise on quality at any cost'. The efficiency of our quality management system is monitored, measured, analyzed, and evaluated. By doing so, we will generate performance metrics that allow us to judge how well we are doing and where we need to improve, ensuring continuous improvements in our processes that benefit both our customers and us. Customer satisfaction is measured on a defined consistent schedule. We have been focused on all areas of operations including procurement of materials, optimum manufacturing technology, and precise deliveries as per the requirements of the clients.

What is the range of unique sets of products that the company is known in the market for?

We are a deep-rooted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Pharmaceutical Medicines. We market a wide array of Pharmaceutical Medicines including General Health, Antibiotics, Ophthalmic, Cardiovascular, Oncology, weight management, and are manufacturer of an exclusive range of Hormone products like Pituitary, Steroid, Amine, Estrogen, and more.

 We are not dependent on any single product to grow, but rather have a large number of specialized products. The ongoing encouragement and input on how to improve our services have further strengthened our commitment to these objectives.

Even during these difficult times arising out of COVID-19, we continue to include automation and predictive analysis of the market. Our customer service is becoming a huge differentiator as we focus on creating happy customers to turn them into returning customers.

We define our competency as adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, and capacity

Sanjay Gadhesariya, Chairman & Managing Director

Elucidate about your team and the overall infrastructure.

 Our team is strong in Leadership, Performance, Collaboration, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, and Respect for people. All the frontline members have the ability to build strong teams with a common goal and rally around the organization's mission and vision. Since we are all motivated differently, we understand what inspires and motivates our employees.
We work with the five Ps of GMP People, Premises, Processes, Products, and Procedures. In terms of infrastructure, we are equipped with a state of the art facility which is built in a pollution-free zone, spread over a vast area with high-end machinery to meet the regulatory requirements. We have a production capacity of 610 million doses to meet the current market demand and have another project in progress to double the present capacity. 

The buildings used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug product are designed with appropriate size, construction, and location to facilitate sufficient cleaning, maintenance, and proper operations, to meet all the international regulatory standards and are ready for approval immediately.
How has been the overall journey of the company? 
Elucidate with respect to the growth it has received in terms of revenue and its geographical presence.

 We are exceptionally well placed in the market in terms of clientele, infrastructure, and new product offerings. Since incorporation in 2008, we are majorly in the Trading business (since14 years) and established our plant in 2019 to manufacture specific generic drugs for both domestic as well as international markets. We have researched and studied the current market, its contents, and competitors well enough since they are the ones with whom we will be vying on a dayto-day basis in order to achieve the mission, vision, and goals of the company. 
Currently, we are proud of our significant contribution to human well-being and the reduction of illness and suffering. 

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist Hormone products. It took a lot of effort to get to this point and prove who we are. Our geographical footprints abound in the Middle East, ROW, Africa, CIS, and other regions, and looking exploring for the market to penetrate Europe and the United States. We intend to strengthen our position as a leader in the hormone space by developing innovative and high-quality products. 

Going forward, where do you see your company in the coming future?

We aspire to be a global leader in hormones with a distinctive product portfolio. We, like many pharmaceutical companies, are moving toward more collaborative business models and will likely play a larger role in partnering in the future. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with global companies on a wide range of operations, including contract manufacturing, distribution, exporting, licensing, franchising, and joint venture prospects. 

The range of options spans a wide spectrum of levels of ownership and control, from straightforward outsourcing of manufacturing to licensing arrangements to more involved joint ventures and partially or wholly-owned subsidiaries. Low costs, availability of skilled talent, and a large patient pool will continue to be growth drivers for us.

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