Actis Pharma: Delivering Best-In-Class Pharma Raw Materials

B.V.V Siva Kumar Reddy,P.V.R Reddy,BS Reddy, Co-Founder

B.V.V Siva Kumar Reddy,P.V.R Reddy,BS Reddy


In the past few decades, India has emerged as a key supplier of generic and affordable medicine for the glob­al market. However, its overwhelming dependence on China for crucial raw materials such as API and intermedi­ates to the extent of over 65 per cent of the requirement has been a main wor­rying area, notes a joint report by ASSO­CHAM-RNCOS. The high import depen­dency on a single nation always leaves the world’s pharmacy prone to the risk of price volatility and supply disrup­tion. Actis Pharma, a Hyderabad based pharma research company, is striving to make India Atmanirbhar in the low­er end of the pharma value chain. With more than 70 reputed domestic and global clients, the firm develops inter­mediates, API, etc.

Industry Outlook interacted with B.V.V Siva Kumar Reddy, Co-founder of Actis Pharma, to know more.

The Indian pharmaceutical sector has traditionally dominated the upper end of the pharmaceutical value chain. However, in the lower end, the nation has been heavily reliant on Chinese players, such as in procurement of in­termediates for API development. The pharma industry's over-dependence on the Chinese market backfired during the COVID led supply chain disruption. Moreover, when importing from China, GMP regulation is also a big problem for Indian players.

Actis Pharma was incorporated in 2011, to fill this void. Our team noticed there were numerous challenges for the Indian pharmaceutical industry relating to quality and reliability of the starting materials and intermediates, when procuring from China. Furthermore, as the intermediates were developed in another nation, the Indian companies had no control over the GMP.

Hence, at Actis we are involved at the lower end of the value chain, and this sets us ahead from the curve. To­day, our team identifies and prepares intermediates that are in the phase II or phase III clinical trials. Hence, once the innovator receives approval from the FDA, we are also ready with a broad technology for the synthesis.

What are the major expecta­tions that clients have from the players of this segment? How do you strategize to meet those?

To start the list, all the pharma clients expect the intermediate developers to have an auditable facility. They also demand for a well versed and experi­enced research team. Furthermore, as far as intermediates are concerned, the synthesis of the intermediates is hugely complicated and there remains a high chance of introduction of impurities during the synthesis of API. Hence, the after service technical support is also critical, as there are numerous queries from the regulatory departments and the intermediate developers are re­quired to solve all them with absolute diligence. In a nutshell, there is huge demand for a pharma research compa­ny who can assist its clients with all the possible requisites.

How is Actis Pharma po­sitioned in the pharma re­search sector?

Actis Pharma has made a robust space for itself in the pharma research segment. We are also witnessing a 25 to 30 percent growth on a year on year basis. Currently, we have more than 70 clients that comprise top Indian, European and Japanese pharma entities.

Tell us about the team at Actis Pharma. How is your combined experience helping the firm to grow?

Actis Pharma was incorporated by me , P. Venkatram Reddy along with Sandeep Reddy. It is a family concern. All of us have extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical segment with diverse backgrounds. I come from the chemical engineering field and prior to incorporating Actis Pharma, I was associated with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories; whereas, my brother-in-law holds a B.Pharm degree from BITS Pilani. He has spent a fair share of his time, working in the U.S pharma industry. Sandeep reddy a mechanical engineer by profession lend a crucial support wrt engineering and facility deigns.

Actis Pharma is blessed with a proactive, experienced, and highly skilled workforce, which plays a key role in giving us a competitive edge.

Give us a comprehensive view on the overall infrastructure at Actis Pharma. How is the firm leveraging advanced technology and techniques in its total operations?

Actis Pharma has state-of-the-art Research and Development Center in 5,000 square feet lab space at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Our R&D center is on par with the international quality standards and is equipped with cutting-edge technology. It boasts one of the most advanced research infrastructures in the world for both basic and applied research. Furthermore, we have a specialized workforce of around 20 highly skilled scientists with expertise in organic synthesis, analytical research, regulatory requirements, engineering, and quality assurance, among other things.Currently we have a 110 kl facility in vizag, however, we are also acquired 15 Acre facility near by our existing location and developing one new facility that will help us boost the total facility to 200 kl by next year, with a maximum reach of 800KL.

At Actis, we are involved at the lower end of the value chain, and this sets us ahead from the curve

B.V.V Siva Kumar Reddy,P.V.R Reddy,BS Reddy, Co-Founder

of the company since its inception? Walk us through the growth it has received in terms of clients and geo­graphical expansions.

We started in the year 2011 with an R&D facility in Hyderabad. In 2013, we built our own Greenfield facility, which became commercial in 2014. Today, we are making about 35 products that cover the antidiabetes antithrombotic and cardiovascular segments. Till date, we've been audited by more than 50 customers. Actis Pharma strictly adheres to GMP standards and very soon we will also be a FDA approved firm.

What is the future roadmap for your Company?

Actis Pharma now has a turnover of over 100 crores; this year, we expect to exceed 120 crores; and, with the new facility set to open in the next three to five years, we expect to achieve around 300 to 400 crores turnover by 2027.

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