Bridging the Gap between Manufacturers & Patients

Sudhakar Singh, Managing Editor

Proper distribution of pharmaceutical products requires efficient logistical infrastructure. As the pharma market grows, there is a need to concentrate on innovation and patient-specific logistics solutions for new medications. Be it prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs, the distribution market is undergoing a rapid change. In this special issue, we have focused exclusively on this segment. The cover story of this issue features Skites Pharma (SK Group). It is one of India's leading distributors of pharma and healthcare products. The firm works with leading manufacturers to bring the latest products and treatment options to its customers. It is committed to providing the highest quality products and services, and to helping its customers improve the health of their patients. Skites Pharma assists companies in targeting retailers that will help them market and sell their products.

The company has a dedicated hospital team serving hospitals in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. It also has a separate group for SD/B2B and modern trade businesses catering to retail giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata 1 MG, and other retailers. Also featuring in the issue is Alibaba Biotec which is having a reliable presence across the world for delivering the rarest drugs at the fastest possible time. It is successfully catering to the dynamics of the pharma industry with a wide range of medicines that are cost effective. It has a wide range of products in Oncology (Cancer drugs), Nephrology and Hematology, to name a few. Reading on you will find more such stories.

Keeping tabs on this market, India Pharma Outlook has shortlisted the 10 companies that have exhibited an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. By proving their dedication to fulfilling customer expectations and contributing to the market’s evolution through their innovative disposition, these companies are blazing a trail for others to follow and setting an example for them.

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