Top 10 Pharmaceutical Distributors - 2023

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Distributors - 2023

A Blueprint to Technology enabled Commercial Pharma Marketing

Indian pharmaceutical industry contributes significantly to global health. Even during the time of pandemic, the industry has with stand and overcome the situation by strengthening its infrastructure and gaining momentum by showing strength and commitment. In 2022, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to focus on R&D and innovation and provide novel drugs that address unmet medical needs in cardiovascular, oncology, neuroscience, diabetes, and obesity. Today, the most extensive and complex manufacturing sector of the country is in the stage of vast disruption in all stages of manufacturing, packing and marketing. Let us look into some of these changes.

Huge amounts have been invested for the digital transformation of commercial pharma, with customer centricity and personalisation tools catalysing the change. The data driven insights driven by machine learning enabled solutions are helping medical reps to overcome the challenge of limited access to health care providers (HCPs).

Harmonized Communication for Impactful Marketing

Developing comprehensive marketing strategies and employing advanced ML techniques, has helped to overcome the communication challenges between field forces and marketing teams.

Mapping Nba Solution Capability to Business Outcomes


Top 10 Pharmaceutical Distributors - 2023

 Alibaba Biotec Alibaba Biotec Carrying over 32 years of industrial experience, the company is currently supplying to countries like Maldives, Oman, Dubai and Germany focusing on international tenders in partnership with local firms of other countries
Global Pharma Tek Global Pharma Tek A distributors of pharmaceutical raw materials providing end-to-end processes, from qualifying the product, marketing, documentation, logistics, and supply chain of it
Kunal Pharma Distributors Kunal Pharma Distributors With accessible, reliable, high-quality medications, the company is leading the pharma market by offering exceedingly competent services
Lifecare Pharma Lifecare Pharma A Pharmaceutical Distributor from a humble beginning, has risen with increasing number of Companies under the umbrella and an ever increasing customer base
Priya Medical Agency Priya Medical Agency A family owned company which started off with a humble background, Currently direct distributors for 20+ Ethical and Generic Pharma Brands, along with sub-distributor for a wide assortment of other leading companies
Saha Drug Distributor Saha Drug Distributor The company is engaged in the distribution of medicines regarding dermatology, cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, herpetology, neurosurgery, paediatrics and general internal medicines
Sapthagiri Pharma Distributor Sapthagiri Pharma Distributor The team has a combined experience of 20+ years and each have been moulded to scale up the business and the pioneers pharma distributor who own a website for drug dsitribution
Scientific Pharma Scientific Pharma A wholesale distributor of medicines like Anesthesia, (Licensed in Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances and Schedule X) and other injectables for ICUs, CCUs, Hospitals, Health centres, and Crash Cart Trolley in government and semi-govt sector
Skites Pharma Skites Pharma A distributor of pharma and healthcare products works with leading manufacturers to bring the latest products and treatment options, providing the highest quality products and services, and to helping its customers improve the health of their patients
Vardhman Health Specialties Vardhman Health Specialties A super specialty division of the Pharma-Distribution sector specialized in Oncology, Nephrology, Hematology, Blood Disorders, and Critical Care

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