Ayurvedasramam: Leading The Ayurveda Space With A 123-Yearold Legacy

Dr. Jayashree Desikacharulu, Managing Director, Ayurvedasramam

Dr. Jayashree Desikacharulu

Managing Director, Ayurvedasramam

The 49,000-crore Indian wellness industry is resurging with the help of the government's focus on building a healthy and fit India. The Indian wellness industry and Ayurveda are not too far apart—with the latter having gained prominence for its healing properties and treatments of many chronic lifestyle disorders. While earlier Ayurveda was considered an alternative area of medicine, it is increasingly being accepted as a more natural way of life. The Indian Ayurveda industry has many large players, with the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) capturing 80 percent market share.

In this space, we have the Ayurvedasramam pharmacy with a long legacy of 123 years, known for its exemplary quality and efficacy. Championing the inherent goodness of Ayurveda and the natural way, Ayurvedasramam has been at the forefront with a dedicated R&D team that has come up with formulations that are leading the Ayurveda path.

D. Sriranga Director, Ayurvedasramam, is currently engaged in one-on-one interactions where we learn in detail about the company’s offerings and its journey to success.

How Do You See The Ayurvedic And Herbal Medicine Market Developing In India? What Are The Major Factors That Have Been Driving The Market’s Growth?
With the increase in media and connectivity, people have started becoming more aware that there is a huge wide world outside, with different medicinal systems offering a wide range of solutions. The chemical world is being replaced by the herbal boom, alternatives are being chosen for their efficacy and lack of side effects.

The maximum contribution to the Ayurvedic market is expected to come from India. The growing awareness about the medical benefits and low side effects of Ayurvedic medicines will facilitate the Ayurveda market growth in Asia.

Additionally, with a separate ministry for Indian medicines, the Government has certainly laid the foundation for a strong, organized scientific approach, lending wings to the time-tested, traditional, Vedic science to reach out to the world and benefit humanity.

The government of India is also promoting the usage of Ayurvedic products through awareness and subsidies. The Ayurvedic world is also rich, with innovative products that cater to preventive, maintenance, and curative treatments.

What Are The Major Expectations That Customers Have From The Players In This Segment? How Do You Strategize To Meet Those Expectations?
Customers look to Ayurveda as a synergy between the latest technology and ancient Vedic wisdom. The focus is certainly more on the absence of chemicals, absence of preservatives, lack of side-effects, & more.

We have always been providing the best quality, completely herbal, and no-chemicals solutions. Our happy customers are proof that we are on the path to success. Even under the pressure of circumstances, we have always chosen quality over profits and we stand strong today, even after a century, because we made the right choices each time and every time.

Our doctors take time to listen to patients and understand the root cause of their problems. They suggest authentic medicines, including Panchakarma in a clean, hygienic environment. We also conduct a number of awareness programs and camps in various IT companies on lifestyle correction and guidelines for healthy living.

How Is Ayurvedasramam Positioned In The Ayurvedic And Herbal Medicine Segment?
The pharmacy was established in 1898 and is now entering its 123rd year. We are known for our quality and efficacy and have clients who have been with us for more than two generations. We have come out with more than 20 new formulations in the past decade by working hand in hand with our Research & Development team.

Shed Light On The Approach Of The Firm, In Ensuring The Quality Of The Products Delivered? What Are The Key Checkpoints That Your Products Pass Through To Ensure The Same?
Quality over quantity, people over profits – has been our motto. We have never compromised on the quality or quantity of the herbs used in the preparation of medicine.

The quality control department is in action right from receipt of raw drugs into the factory, the cleaning and segregating process, the preparation of the medicines with the right quantity of each ingredient, until the final packaging and storing process.

Give Us An Elaborative View Of The Overall Infrastructure At Ayurvedasramam. How Is The Firm Implementing Advanced Technologies And Techniques In Its Overall Operation?
Ayurvedasramam is built and structured based on the standards and protocols advised by our Ayush department. The underlying philosophy of everything that we do at our workplace comes from our Late Founder Pandit D Gopalacharulu who practiced the principle of 'Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu' which translates as 'May the whole world be happy'; happiness in this context means the absence of pain & illness, both mentally and physically.

We have a stringent Quality Control Department which takes care of quality right from the arrival of the raw materials, sterilization of equipment, and brewing of the medicines to the correct consistency till they are sealed, packed, and shrink-wrapped for customers.

Please Elaborate, What Are The Key Points That Differentiate Your Company From Other Players In This Segment?
Even though the company has been running for the past 122 years, we have never compromised on quality over profits. We prepare both 'Classical' & 'Patented' medications. The environment in which we work is something we are very proud of.

Starting from a small village of Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, we have expanded to Chennai, the entire South, then India, and subsequently globally. We have clients all over the world. We are now in the process of expansion into the food and cosmetic sector – with pure herbal products.

Our approach remains two-pronged: spreading awareness and growing globally. We are also in the process of bringing out new Ayurvedic preparations for various ailments and are currently awaiting government clearances.

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