Nandikesam: Premium Yet Cost Effective Herbal Products For Skin And Hair Care

Sreevidya M R, Founder

Sreevidya M R


The herbal supplements market, in terms of value, is projected to reach around USD 86.74 Billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 6.8%. Several factors have caused the growth of this industry. First is the growing awareness about herbal and organic products that has taken the industry to level of higher acceptance. In order to cater to the growing demand, various new players have entered this domain which has further added value to the industry.

Hence, the Skincare and hair care sectors that have long been dominated by chemical cosmetics industry is slowly shedding more and more light on the herbal counterparts. However, there are several problems that customers face while choosing the right herbal products for their personal hygiene. Trust comes first. The customers should be able to trust the brand they are buying products from. They face confusion owing to varied pricing patters and maintenance of proper quality standards.

Especially, when it comes to skin and hair care, women are very much specific about the kinds of products they want to use and don’t bestow trust on any brand blindly. This is one of the reasons why herbal cosmetics industry is experiencing an unorganized growth. Taking all the above problems under consideration, Nandikesam from Kerala has come up with a premium range of hair and skincare products that have not only gained acceptance in the country, but have also made their mark outside the country. Sreevidya MR, Founder, Nandikesam states, “The tremendous acceptance from the customers for our products mainly for the herbal hair oil, anti greying indigo oil, herbal shampoo, herbal soaps and hand sanitizers has ensured AGADA HERBAL REMEDIES to expand the distribution chain to all over India and now in the Middle East. At this point, Nandikesam has reached a distribution network of more than 2000 distributors spanning across the region and we are able to deliver more than 50,000 bottles per month.”

Operational Excellence And Future Projections
There are a few factors that make Nandikesam products more approachable. First is their 100 percent organic approach towards manufacturing. The products are made out of completely natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and enzymes that are helpful for the human skin and hair. The founder of the company Sreevidya MR has given importance each and every aspect of the manufacturing process and material.

She is one of those entrepreneurs with very humble beginnings and has made it all the way up through sheer dedication and hard work. She mentions, “I have put a lot of research into the creation of the Nandikesam products. Each and every product is significant in its own way and portrays the magic of Ayurveda that is one of the oldest medicinal practices in the world. Our products constitute of various natural ingredients mixed in the right proportions to provide satisfactory results for the customer. Moreover, we manufacture adhering to internationally accepted standards that can be used for any kind of hair of skin type.”

The company was formed in 2018 and has covered considerable grounds in the last couple of years. They are registered vendors of some of the most popular e-commerce websites. The company currently conducts business all across India and at the same time exports to seven other countries. Speaking about the future of the company, the founder concludes, “We would like to increase our exports in the years to come and also increase our range of products.”

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