Peerless Biotech: Embracing Innovation to Ensure Affordable & High Quality Healthcare

S. Mohan Kumar , CEO & Director

S. Mohan Kumar

CEO & Director

India’s rising healthcare awareness along with the evolving technological advancements have significantly contributed to the healthcare industry’s rapid growth and transformation. While the industry has been experiencing a gradual upsurge for the past few years, the onset of a global pandemic gave a significant push, with increase in demands of testing kits across the nation. Additionally, the POCT (Point of Care Testing) and CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay) segments within the IVD industry are experiencing exceptional boom. However, this brings along an upsurge of competition across scales with a few not-so-serious players also entering the markets. This increase has not only enhanced competition but also contributed to an already fragmented market, which has made standardization and quality control all the more difficult.

Nevertheless, within this sector, Peerless Biotech is positioned as a name synonymous with quality assurance, cost-effectiveness, and advanced products. Founded in 2001, Peerless Biotech brings a legacy of 23 years of impeccable service to the industry. The company, based in Chennai boasts a stellar track record and a long-term commitment to the IVD industry.

Advanced Healthcare Diagnostics

With a record of introducing innovations and upgrades in its various product offerings, the company has a history of consistently meeting the unmet healthcare diagnostics needs of the Indian consumers. A popular choice for customers, Peerless Biotech is renowned for the diverse and extensive product range, the quality of its products, as well as excellent post-sales services. These attributes have successfully made Peerless Biotech the preferred partner for healthcare diagnostic kits.

The company’s range of products are diversified under four main categories including POCT and Rapid, In Vitro Diagnostics, Lab Auxiliaries, and Home Healthcare. Within each of these categories, the firm provides a wide range of products such as diabetes monitoring kits, clinical chemistry instruments, colorimeters, and nebulizers, respectively. Taking care of the various healthcare needs that fall under these categories, the firm offers comprehensive solutions, ranking as a one-stop for all diagnostic needs. Catering to the needs of big as well as small laboratories, the company supplies several products to meet specific needs while also not requiring a full-fledged lab setup.

Additionally, with the company’s emphasis on innovation, it has been responsible for several industrial firsts, advancing the IVD industry at various points in time. “We pioneered the transition of the IVD industry from Latex Slide Technology to Turbilatex Technology. We also initiated the shift of our customers from the conventional blood collection vials to vacuum and non-vacuum blood collection tubes. Presently we are in the process of popularizing ‘Smart CLIA’ among our customers. ‘Smart CLIA’ has the potential to do both, replace the existing market for CLIA and develop a new market for CLIA”, shares S. Mohan Kumar, CEO & Director.

In addition to these strategies, another unique step that the company took was introducing ancillary products into the mainstream IVD products market. Products such as blood collection tubes, lancets, injection plaster, alcohol swabs, centrifuges, micropipettes, and more, which other players are unsure of, have been launched into the mainstream market by Peerless Biotech in order to serve customers better.

Peerless Biotech stands as a name synonymous with Quality Assurance, cost effectiveness, and advanced products

S. Mohan Kumar , CEO & Director

Technological Lead

The POCT concept, comprising models like multi-assay-FIA models, HbA1c detection system, and Hb monitoring system, to name a few are becoming increasingly popular and a preferred choice in the IVD sector. The products needed for this are simple to use and can be used by patients at home as well, leading to their growing adoption. While these products, which can easily be used by patients as well as doctors and nurses in emergency situations, and even in labs are still gaining popularity and witnessing an upsurge of players launching their versions, Peerless has been marketing POCT products for several years.

“POCT is the future of the Indian IVD industry. We have built a broad range of POCT products. We have Blood glucose monitoring system (BGMS), Hemoglobin meter, Ketone meter, HbA1 analyzer, FIA- multi immunoassay analyzer, Cholesterol meter, and more. We have been supplying these products to consumers for several years and are among the few who made these products available in the market so far back”, further shares S. Mohan.

While Peerless focuses on innovation and upgrades, the company also emphasizes the need to adhere with industry standards. As compliance requirements get more and more strict, the company sees it as an opportunity for the entire IVD industry to perform better and ensure that better products and services make their way to the customers. On its personal front, the company has been deeply involved with quality assurance, even conducting QCs for the instruments and consumables which are imported for marketing as well, which not many others did.

Keeping up this pace, Peerless is aligning its processes to continually be at par with the dynamic consumer demands and transforming compliance requirements. Along with these core principles, the firm’s strategy for future development focuses on portfolio enhancement, as well as expanding its geographical footprint. Leveraging its strong network of over 130 sales and service executives along with 700+ distributors, the firm envisions serving the entire nation, growing rapidly to become the nation’s preferred IVD solutions partner.

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