Top 10 Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers - 2023

Top 10 Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers - 2023

Neutraceuticals: It Better to Care rather than Cure

Introducing certain amount of essential vitamins and minerals in daily eating routine plays a pragmatic role in the long-term health of immune system, bones, joints, and heart. Though realizing the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet is very easy, maintaining it on a daily basis with the same pace is equally difficult. Plus, when it comes to micronutrients, one size never fits all, each person needs nutrients based on their gender, physical activity, eating habits, age, state of health, medication and so on. Hence, the nutraceutical sector in India has been experiencing rapid growth in the last few years.

Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers

Getting access to nutraceuticals is easy; however the production of the same is a equally difficult and lengthy process. The processes involved in manufacturing nutraceuticals such as designing or developing, manufacturing, and marketing are regulated by Food and drug administration, where they go through a thorough test of quality control, purity of raw ingredients, and final product. This clearly portrays that the production of nutraceutical products to cater to the ever-evolving market needs is not at all a cake walk. Thus mostly the task is prearranged to nutraceutical contract manufacturers who assist with their experience, accurate machinery, reputable networking,...

Anurag Kumar,Founder & Chairman

Anurag Kumar

Founder & Chairman

Top 10 Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers - 2023

Bangalore  Pharmaceutical And Research Laboratory Bangalore Pharmaceutical And Research Laboratory Noted manufacturers & marketers known for developing revolutionary medicines for Oncology and world-class producers of pharmaceutical, herbal & nutraceutical products
Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Biodeal Pharmaceuticals A leading brand in the industry striving to restore health and transform lives through improved access to medicine by assuring cost-effective products and high-quality standards by developing novel biopharmaceutical products
Biomylz Biomylz A nutraceutical food supplement and cosmetics finished formulation manufacturing company providing wide range of premium dietary supplement products
Maxnova Healthcare Maxnova Healthcare A premise that is furnished with all the cutting edge, superior specialties manufacturing high-quality herbal cosmetics, nutraceuticals and ayurvedic beauty products
Nutrify Today Nutrify Today A largest nutraceutical industry, food tech & pharma OTC platform that enables and empowers nutraceutical business by way of curated supply chain, market access, and peer networking
Nutrigrams Nutrigrams A firm creating nutritional supplements which can help to nurture overall wellbeing and health, by providing a quality of life in which the supplements are manufactured particularly from standardized herbal extracts that ensure maximum safety
Remidex Pharma Remidex Pharma A pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing company for leading Indian and multinational pharmaceutical organisations also involved in the manufacturing of micronutrient premixes and nutraceuticals
Sarvotham Sarvotham A company producing world-class health care, personal care and home care products for discerning customers to attain global best practices
Vytals Vytals A company in which products are designed to fulfil the needs in self-care related to aging, lifestyle and nutrition, which range from OTC pharma, nutraceutical & dietary supplement products
Zystus Nutraceuticals Zystus Nutraceuticals A healthcare company engaged in R&d and involved in manufacturing & marketing of OTC pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical/functional foods, botanicals and natural medicines for both human & veterinary use

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