Sarvotham: Reviving Indian Traditional Healthcare Through Nutraceuticals

Dopesh Raja, Director

Dopesh Raja


The global nutraceutical market was valued at 396.29 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2022 and 2030. The growing acceptance of medical nutrition due to increasing health-consciousness across the world is considered an impetus for the market growth. In countries like India, where people are struggling with illnesses aggravated by unhealthy lifestyle or health complications related to aging,nutraceutical aids are slowly making their way into the dietary habits as preventive healthcare measures.As people realize the benefitsof nutraceuticals, the demand for effectual products is rapidly increasing.

This is where Sarvotham stepped in and pledged to be a reliable companion for good health and nourishment with a wide spectrum of healthcare products that undergo stringent quality examinations to ensure the right product, first time, everytime. Sarvotham specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of healthcare products for several multinational companies. It capitalizes on the power of innovation and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in order to cater to the changing consumer preferences for nutraceutical products. Pharma Industry Outlook engaged in a conversation with Dopesh Raja, Director of Sarvotham Limited, in order to know more about its offerings and the core philosophies it is governed by.

Give us an overview ofthe current opportunities in the nutraceutical market. How has it been developing over the years and what are the major factors driving growth in nutraceutical segment?

The nutraceutical industry has grown since the revolution in 2016 when new regulations were introduced to the Indian and global markets. India has seen the evolution of good quality manufacturers, transformation of the pharmaceutical industry by adopting nutraceuticals in their portfolio and a rise in the start-up world with strong innovations. We can see that India slowly but clearly progressing to evolve as a strong and responsible nutrition hub in the international sphere. An industry that was growing steadily in predictable trends took a quantum jump and the entire ecosystem is shining with active government incentives, more R&D activities, clinical studies on nutraceuticals and market expansion due to demanding health situation induced by pandemic and greater consumer awareness. Industry is expected to Grow at a compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR ) of 8.9% from 2020 to 2028 and the major factors that have been driving the market growth are government initiatives, international transactions and the most importantly the consciousness of the consumers and the manufacturers to process in global quality compliant.

What are the major expectations when a prospective client comes up to you and how do you think you have been meeting those expectations?

As far as health and nutrition is concerned, quality and efficacy are two common asks of the consumer along with cost-friendliness. Being an eminent customized manufacturing organization, we had invested different types of resources to meet the cGMP standards of various countries, the Global Halal, NSF & ISO standards to name a few. We are constantly upgrading our facilities, training our team and evolving our systems to adapt to the latest regulatory requirements. Our Agasthya Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad is an ultra modern facility equipped with modern technology to ensure that we meet or exceed the global guidelines of nutraceuticals much more ahead, at par with the pharmaceutical norms, in terms of quality, delivery and innovation. Sarvotham is well poised to cater to all such emerging needs.

Give us a brief overview of the company as well as the organization as a whole. How is it positioned in the segment today?

Sarvotham was established in 1996, as a manufacturer of world class products in the Health, Personal & Home care products. With its first facility in Hyderabad, Sarvotham catered to the demanding needs of marquee clients of international repute. The world class facilities in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh with large volume, high speed and automated manufacturing lines cater to the needs of global clientele, producing multiple formats like liquids, gels, lotions, tablets, capsules and powders.

The fully integrated Centre of Excellence that has been recently inagurated in Hyderabad carries out customized R&D in novel formatslike gummies, chews, orally dissolving strips, tablets, liquid filled capsules etc., in addition to conventional formats. We have also established CROs as independent entities to cater to the global regulatory needs in Toxicology and Human clinical trials.Sarvothamstands at a different pedestal in providing comprehensive to provide to clients with comprehensive solutions starting from concept designing, drug discovery, preclinical clinical publication, licensing to manufacturing.

Tell us about any unique range of services that the company is known for in the market. Please highlight the USPs of the same.

Sarvotham is well known in the industry circles for its Integrity, Transparency and Solutioning. We have successfully completed several projects of concept to commercialization for our marquee clients, not only in the Indian market but also in the international market space. Some of our signature product concepts include bi-layered gummies, multi-layered bars, orally dissolving strips / tablets using nano molecule actives for rapid absorption etc. In addition, our scientists have also developed several products in the health care & personal care categories, using natural ingredients and processing then to enhance the power of Mother Nature.

Products for enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatories, pain management and beauty enhancers are a few of the novel concepts being actively worked on by our highly competent scientists, to help the growing nutraceutical needs of the country.

What has been the success mantra, and the approach of the company in maintaining strict quality standard?

Our mantra is simple “RIGHT FIRST TIME EVERY TIME". Our products are made to meet global quality standard and we release products which are 100% compliant to all the regulatory guidelines we abide by.

Sarvotham has been partnering with companies of international repute, almost from inception. As a result our team has been exposed to stringent international quality and regulatory environments. This, coupled with our hunger to learn has led to our continual improvement of systems and procedures in line with international regulatory guidelines. Sarvotham’s facilities have several quality accreditions like ISO 9001(2000), EMS 14000(2004), GMP & Schedule M(FDA India), WHO-GMP, NSF etc. to name a few. The quality managemtent systems ensure that each process right from Concept to Commercialization is geared towards a truly Sarvotham product.

Where do you see the company in the near future? What might be the expansion plans?

There is a substantial amount of awareness that is coming about in the consumers from the perspective of preventive approach towards their health rather than a curative approach. The greater awareness results into greater consumption of nutraceuticals or dietary supplements. What we are doing is carrying out research based on the ancient principles of Ayurvedaand refining these principles and working on the development of products to meet not just the domestic regulatory requirements, but the international standards as well.

The format of the product too plays a major role in the aceptability of the product by the consumers, be it children, adults or the senior citizens. We are actively working on formulating active ingredients into novel formats like gummies, bars, orally dissolving strips etc., to not only increse the ease of use, but also the to boost the efficiay of the products.

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