Bangalore Pharmaceutical And Research Laboratory: Leading The Way In Herbal And Nutraceutical Product Development & Manufacturing

Jaya Prakash Mady, Director

Jaya Prakash Mady


The growing awareness of ‘Care’being more important than ‘Cure’ and people's mindset shifting from reactive to proactive has led to increased interest in nutraceutical products. The nutraceutical market in India has experienced significant growth over the last decade, with a CAGR of 21 percent and a projected market size of  $18 billion in 2025. Increased awareness of preventive health and rising disposable income have contributed to the surge in demand for dietary supplements and functional foods. This trend is expected to continue, driven by a growing geriatric population and a shift towards proactive care. Bangalore Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratory (BPRL) is a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical company based in Bangalore that specializes in developing, producing, and marketing high-quality herbal and nutraceutical products. The company owns a world-class manufacturing facility that conforms to international safety, quality, and environmental control standards. Today, BPRL is well-regarded as a contract manufacturer of quality products due to its rigorous manufacturing standards and triple ISO certification (9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45000:2018).

Addressing Client Concerns

Customers in the nutraceuticals segment face various pain points, such as high prices, safety concerns, and inconsistent protocols. Long-term use of nutrient supplements has been linked to increased cancer risk, and herbal supplements are not always safe or green. Nutraceutical products are not yet integrated into treatment algorithms, and standardization procedures are necessary to ensure clarity on permissible ingredients.

Additionally, guidelines are needed to differentiate nutraceuticals from pharmaceutical products, and there are no concrete initiatives in the form of subsidies to make these products more affordable. Customers in this segment have diverse needs and preferences, with some seeking costeffective options while others look for customized or science-based recommendations. BPRL has expertise in manufacturing, sourcing, pricing, and marketing standardized and customized nutraceutical products. The products are green dot labeled, plant-based, vegetarian, and highly specific to consumer needs, giving them a strategic advantage in prescription nutrition. The composition and quantity of each ingredient is based on therapeutic requirements, and the pricing per dose is patient-friendly.

Journey and Success

BPRL has been on a positive growth trajectory since its establishment in 1957. In 1987, the company established Recon Limited as its marketing arm, which later became Wintac Limited in 2000. The company gained fame for introducing high-quality and affordable products in a wide range of therapeutic specialties, leading to its listing on the Mumbai stock exchange in 1995. In 1997, BPRL commissioned its sterile injectable facility, and in 2005 it acquired Sagar Pharma and the Oncology brands of Biological Evans. In 2020, BPRL monetized its stake in Wintac Limited and set up a state-of-the-art Herbal and Nutraceutical manufacturing company commissioned in 2021. “We want to be acknowledged as a trustworthy partner in producing and marketing numerous pharmaceutical & nutraceutical specialties.

BPRL is dedicated to researching And manufacturing highquality Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical formulations using Innovative technologies while Adhering to the most recent cgmp Regulations

Jaya Prakash Mady, Director

We offer our customers range of contract manufacturing services. BPRL is a company that focuses on providing healthcare products in Gynecology, Ortho, Paediatrics, and General Health. The company's products are predominantly aimed at women, with women between the ages of 31-50 being the primary consumers. The product portfolio includes herbal products, nutraceutical products, super specialty products, and contract manufacturing services. The company offers over 35 varieties of herbal products, which provide natural solutions for a healthy life with the goodness of Ayurvedic medicines.

The nutraceutical products offered by BPRL are crafted to work in perfect sync with a healthy diet, exercise, and overall wellness. BPRL also offers marketing support for a super specialty range of Oncology and supportive care products, having a strong foothold in the market and providing effective and safe solutions for patients with complex medical conditions. “We are committed to meeting people's healthcare requirements while adhering to international quality, skill, competency, and customer orientation standards”. We excite and inspire our employees, recognize and reinforce efforts, and imagine, engage, and empower them”, says Jaya Prakash Mady, Director. BPRL is a company focused on Nutraceuticals marketing, offering product portfolio of vegetarian sources with patient-friendly pricing. Each product is designed therapeutically for a specific need, following a robust process of product-customer engagement, starting from ideation to marketing. BPRL's team is a combination of vast experience & deep passion, with the senior management team averaging 24 years of experience, adding immense & recognized value in its past roles.

From plant head to Quality Control/Quality Assurance, R&D to Medical Advisory, Sales & Marketing, and Distribution to Finance, the team has a stable track record, contributing to a 3X growth in the last 2 financial years. BPRL's focus on preventive healthcare, therapeutic products, and experienced team sets the company on a path to be a force to reckon with in the next 5 years. BPRL is set to become a dominant player in the Ayurvedic, Herbal, Nutraceutical, and Oncology markets, with plans to expand into Animal Health and Digital Marketing. The company's growth will be driven by a focus on launching rational, therapeutically effective new products. With a clear roadmap, BPRL is poised to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.