Akums: Disrupting The Indian Pharma Manufacturing Via Innovative Healthcare Products

Sandeep Jain, MD

Sandeep Jain


With the changing disease prevalence, incidence and mortality, the Pharma sector constantly finds itself under the compulsion to evolve. Akums being a technology driven leading pharmaceutical company specializes in R&D, Manufacturing, marketing of generic and branded formulations and has been consistently responding to the ever changing Pharma needs. Manufacturing TOP ORG brands for renowned Pharma Houses & Multi-National Companies. It has more than 4000 formulations spread across 13000 brands in the therapeutic segment with wide range in Allopathic, Ayurvedic/Herbal, Nutraceuticals & Veterinary formulations to both, the domestic and international markets. The Managing Director (MD) for Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals walks us through the organizations glorious years of operations and service to the better healthcare of India. In conversation with Sandeep Jain, MD, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.

Tell us where Akums positions itself in the industry and what values helps the firm be a market favorite.
Since its inception, Akums has derived its inspiration in the desire to serve humanity for longer, healthier and happier lives. Standing testimony to its contributions to the society at large is its story of consistent growth. It has the distinction of adding new manufacturing plants to its ambit, every year. The company was incorporated in April, 2004 with Sanjeev Jain as the Director of Business Development & Marketing and Sandeep Jain as the Director of Operations under the guidance of D.C Jain. The company commenced its journey with a single manufacturing unit dedicated to oral dosage forms in Haridwar.

Today, the company commands an excess of more than 12 percent of the manufacturing market share in India for medicines. Additionally, all the products manufactured by Akums come with an assurance of safety, with the company honoring all the regulatory compliances. It manufactures over 4,000+ different formulations for a client base that surpasses the figure of 1,100. Over a decade of manufacturing experience, we have constantly set benchmarks with its quality products. Akums stands out as India’s largest Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) organization.

What are some of the essential services that Akums brings to the table?
As India’s largest finished formulation manufacturer, wetake utmost responsibility by ensuring that every dosage unit that leaves its site meets the requirements of the most stringent quality standards. Akums offers a comprehensive range of services, ranging from formulation development to market launch.

Apart from offering traditional contract manufacturing services, Akums also proactively works on the latest advances in the industry. With the highest number of DCGI & FSSAI permissions in the country, it has an edge over its competitors when it comes to developing the therapies not previously known in the country.

How does Akums keep up with the evolving technological standards?
On our endeavor to constantly improve the quality of formulations and develop newer & innovative dosage forms, we have in place a strong R&D and F&D Team, laboratories. These facilities are fully equipped for physical and metallurgical testing, microbiological testing, chemical testing, pharmacological testing, stability studies, effective controls of process, among others. From undertaking the clinical trials, to ensuring the domination of improved formulations in the market, Akums does it all.

Akums being a technology driven leading pharmaceutical company specializes in R&D, Manufacturing, marketing of generic and branded formulations and has been consistently responding to the ever changing Pharma needs

Sandeep Jain, MD

The Pandemic severely affected many industries' businesses, while significantly putting the healthcare & pharma industry on high demand. What was Akums role in such difficult times, how did the firm made a difference?
Well, rightly said, the gravity of the hour demanded the company to run its manufacturing units uninterrupted, by ensuring best possible COVID safe precautions, to ensure that the country was served with the best available resources. With the local community in the need of urgent help, Akums established a 250 bedded COVID Care Center in Haridwar for timely treatment, medication, hospitalization & care. The facility offered 24*7 service with the availability of food supplies, medicines, oxygen, qualified medical & paramedical staff and ambulance services.

What does Akums wish to work towards in the near future?
As the country’s largest finished drug manufacturer, we are proud to have made a significant contribution to the health and well-being of millions of individuals. We want to enhance our capacities further and serve the increasing medicine demand in our country. With increase in our capacities, we aim to increase our market share in India and cater to overseas markets, as well.

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