Aurobindo Pharma: Combining Scale And Diversity With Operational Excellence

K. Nityananda Reddy, Vice Chairman & Managing Director

K. Nityananda Reddy

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

The domestic pharmaceutical market in India is expected to be worth $65 billion by 2024. This growth can largely be attributed to the well-established drug manufacturing ecosystem of India which has over 3,000 drug companies and 10,500 manufacturing units. Established in 1986, Aurobindo Pharma is one of the leading players in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The company has established its presence in myriad of therapeutic areas including neurosciences (CNS), cardiovascular (CVS), anti-diabetics, and anti-biotics, to name a few. The market leader in semi-synthetic penicillins has crossed many milestones over the years.

Excellence in generic pharma

Aurobindo Pharma is a global supplier of Generic Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and it is well-known in the industry. The company prioritizes on constant innovation and consistently updates its products to meet the changing needs of its customers. To support its operations, Aurobindo Pharma has established a dedicated manufacturing facility which spreads over 33 acres and it has a built-up area of 20,000 square meters. The facility focuses on the production of generic sterile injectable (lyophilized and powder injections, prefilled syringes), ophthalmic and low volume parenteral. The company has a dedicated team of 500 plus scientists developing world-class generic formulations and more than 180 patents have already been filed. In the specialty generic formulations segment, Aurobindo Pharma is aiming to develop into a leading global player through territory expansions and partnerships. The company is looking to expand its presence in this segment through joint-ventures as well as subsidiaries in attractive markets. And to stand out from the rest of the players in this vertical, it plans to develop a broad portfolio of products in the generics arena through non-infringing processes.

Apart from this, Aurobindo Pharma has its presence in other segments including Custom Synthesis operations, and it also has a separate Biocatalysts division. Aurobindo Pharma is one of the leading names when it comes to API manufacturing as well and it is one of the very few vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies that have a presence in API as well as formulation segment.

Aurobindo Pharma has established a dedicated manufacturing facility which spreads over 33 acres and it has a built-up area of 20,000 square meters

K. Nityananda Reddy, Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Commitment to quality

The growth Aurobindo Pharma had over the years can be primarily attributed to its ability to have cost-effective drug development as well as substantial manufacturing. The company aims at leveraging the full potential of its talented scientists and other employees in creating world class yet affordable products which are accessible across the globe. This has helped Aurobindo Pharma create an ever-increasing loyal customer base and it has evolved into a knowledge-driven company, establishing manufacturing facilities in several countries. The company now exports to more than 150 countries and a major share of its revenue comes from overseas operations. Aurobindo Pharma remains committed to the quality of its offerings and it has multiple facilities which are approved by international regulatory agencies including USFDA, EU GMP, WHO and UK MHRA among many others.

Staying one-step ahead of the changing times, Aurobindo Pharma appears to continue its growth and become the most valued pharma partner to the world pharma fraternity. It also plans to be ranked amongst the best pharmaceutical companies in the world by 2030.

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